Zeotap’s audience targeting data is verified to be up to 94% accurate in Spain


Executive Summary: Zeotap is the first data provider to shed full transparency on its data quality in the market. The Spanish Association for the Investigation of Media and Communication (AIMC) in Spain completed a rigorous audit including several hundred phone interviews to test zeotap’s data quality. Zeotap’s data accuracy is up to six times higher than current market benchmarks published by Nielsen and comScore

Big Data is becoming the fuel of innovation and efficiency across industries. The digital advertising market is at the forefront of this development allowing advertisers to use data in real-time to only buy advertising impressions that are shown to the audience of their choice in the so called programmatic environment that in the US already accounts for more than 75% according to eMarketer of all digital ad spending. Across the digital landscape but in mobile advertising particularly however the quality of most available data is still very low and transparency about the available data is largely missing. On a mission to drastically increase data quality and transparency, Zeotap, an innovative data platform that operates around the world, today announces that is has completed a rigorous data audit by the Spanish AIMC to provide full transparency about its data quality to its buyers. The AIMC is the official industry association that is supported by over one hundred publishers, agencies and advertisers in the ecosystem. The control entity used its own databases and conducted several hundred phone interviews to test zeotap’s data quality with statistical significance.
As a result, zeotap’s data is up to six times more accurate than the benchmarks regularly published by trusted advertising measurement companies Nielsen and comScore for Europe which represent all campaigns which were targeted at specific target groups and how well they performed. For instance, using zeotap data advertisers can target millennials between 18-24 years of age with 91% accuracy for which Nielsen and comScore have published benchmarks of 24% and 26% respectively. In the age group between 25-34 years zeotap data is 89% precise. Even older target groups which are spending less time on mobile zeotap can provide an accuracy of over 70%. For these age groups both Nielsen and comScore are not publishing any benchmarks since they are historically difficult to reach. Across both genders zeotap can show a targeting precision of close to 80% which is up to double the market benchmarks. For location zeotap can even provide an accuracy of 94%. The value of deterministic data to the market becomes particularly evident when different attributes are combined. Zeotap can target males and females between 18-24 with an accuracy of 83% (13% Nielsen benchmark) and 89% (21% comScore benchmark) respectively. Also companies that have legal obligations because they are selling alcoholic beverages for instance can profit from zeotap’s offering since zeotap can guarantee that 99.9% of its audience are over that age threshold.
‘Sending your ads to the most relevant audience has become of utmost importance to the advertising market that is shifting from media-centric model to a people-centric model. I am proud that we are the first company that could verify the high quality of its data and make the results public to help the market to become more transparent. Our partners in the market simply deserve to know the quality of our product.’ says Marc Ginjaume (Country Manager Spain at zeotap).
Carlos Lozano, the president of AIMC, adds: ‘This kind of auditing gives clarity and transparency to the market and creates an ecosystem of trust that is necessary for advertisers to invest. This is precisely the aim of our association for the advertising industry.’

About AIMC

AIMC is a non-profit organization that currently has 141 associated companies, among which are the media (television channels, radio stations and broadcasters, internet media, newspapers, magazines, cinema organisations, out-of-home advertising providers, etc.) and companies in the advertising sector (advertisers, media agencies, etc.). The purpose of the association is the investigation, measurement and control of the audience in the advertising market and the distribution of the resulting reports among its associates. More information: ww.aimc.es

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