Beam Me Up: Fast Sprints and Minutes of Madness


Bangalore, October 2015, at the heart of Koramangala, the new fashionable district of what has become India’s premier hub for aspiring entrepreneurs, VCs who are out to find the next big thing and most of all technologists of every walk. Millions have come since the early 2000s and today many come pouring into the big, bustling neighborhood to turn their visions into code and code into the thriving businesses of tomorrow. Some of the biggest names in the Indian startup ecosystem were born here. Flipkart, Swiggy, Newshunt, Hackerearth, Instamojo and Ola to name just a few. It is a big day at zeotap. Only days ago the company’s logo at the top of the building was lit up for the first time. Now the life inside has taken over and large yellow lamps hang like incubators from the ceiling — ready to hatch the next ideas and turning the blue company values hanging from the wall into a guiding manifesto. The parts of the wall that are white are still radiating a fresh smell and the red bricks mixing in make the space resemble the many bald but warm factories turned tech offices that one can find in Berlin where zeotap was founded mid 2014. The space is still comparably empty. Not more than 10 team members sit in their comfy chairs while their heads are spinning like machines in pursuit of building the data platform that zeotap has become today.

“I am here since the very early days. When you first start out a lot of physical space literally gives you the freedom to think big and fill that space with life. It is like a blank page that you keep filling every day until products, team members and the company culture start forming a whole picture.” Ameya Agnihotri, VP Engineering