Zeo-Ode-to-Code Hackathon: Let’s Get These Codes Cracking

What would you do when you have over 2 billion data profiles on your systems? Let us say this much: There’s never really a lack of things to work on for our engineers, from ingesting and processing data to visualizations and finding smart ways to segment the data into actionable and useful data products. Our team’s approach to taking a break to find clarity and unlock smart hacks, data product enhancements and saving potentials was – well one could even say pretty “German” in nature: a 3-day hackathon.


A spirit of competition was in the air. After several weeks of preparation the time to kick-off our firstzeo-Ode-To-Code” Hackathon had arrived. 3 days, 37 attendees, 48 idea submissions and countless pizzas and coffees would await our teams. And while our Product, Engineering, Infrastructure and Data Science teams usually work in unison – this time would be different. You should know we are huge fans of cross-functional knowledge sharing and out-of-the-box thinking. So we sliced up our every day teams and threw the dice to build multi-functional teams.