Light On, Fight On: The Program That Turns Interns Into Engineers in 6 Months

It was January 2017 and things were getting hectic in our Tech-HQ in Bangalore. New year, new initiatives. Multiple of them were underway and we had just launched our first official internship program. Meanwhile, at BITS Pilani University, Shantanu Srivastava, a student in his final year of engineering, was in the process of making a big decision: choosing the company where he would do an internship during the last 6 months of his studies. Shantanu would have to choose between many options, two of which being startups in highly dynamic environments and another being a big corporation where most processes were already set up and running smoothly.

At this stage, college students often find themselves doubtful about what is expected from them in the workplace and which challenges they would encounter. Sometimes, even after completing years of engineering College, they would not know which area to focus on. And while some students look at internships as just another step that they need to take in order to get a job, Shantanu wanted to use this opportunity as a time to learn, practice and improve his skill set.

“During my college years at BITS Pilani I became very interested in two things: big data and startups, as both offer rapid growth opportunities and a steep learning career. Zeotap offered me a great opportunity to experience both  during its internship program” – Shantanu Srivastava

Since last year, zeotap has been hosting a biannual internship program in collaboration with BITS Pilani and VIT – two of the Top 10 Universities in India. The program starts in January and July every year accordingly, lasts 5 to 6 months and is particularly designed for 4th year engineering students who, like Shantanu, want to join a startup and are ready for a real big data challenge. The application process is fully taken care of by the respective College based on the company requirements, students’ grades and preferences.