Meet The Team: Thani Shamsi, Director of Strategy and Growth


Thani leads Zeotap’s global strategy and business development as Director of Strategy & Growth, including developing and managing strategic partnerships with ad tech companies and platforms. Based on his background in both computer science and business, he works closely together with Zeotap’s product and sales team to develop client-driven data solutions for digital marketers.


Thani joined Zeotap in summer 2015 as a Business Development Manager to build up the company across the globe. Before joining Zeotap, he worked in the CEO offices of the ICT multinationals Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems. Thani graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology in co-operation with IBM, where he worked in enterprise software sales and management consulting. During high-school and college, he worked as a software developer programming mobile and web applications for various companies.


Thani’s work was very international from the beginning: On his first work day, he started to incorporate Zeotap’s Indian subsidiary, followed by the incorporation of the US entity. Apart from managing urgent projects, he also drove strategic topics like data privacy, developing Zeotap’s global data privacy strategy together with Zeotap’s in-house counsel and law firms.

Over time Thani moved into a more client-facing role, spending time in the US and Canada to develop data partnerships in North America, as well as traveling frequently to Spain and Italy to build up relationships with media agencies and brands. He has fond memories of throwing Oktoberfest-style client events in Madrid and Milan, serving Berliner Luft (“Berlin air”), a popular peppermint schnapps from his beloved hometown Berlin.


From a young age, Thani used to work for his family-owned German bakery, selling organic whole-grain bread on a weekly farmer’s market. One day a group of Chinese tourists came by and snapped a few pictures of Thani proudly posing in front of his delicious bread selection. Thinking nothing of it, a few years later a friend of him returned from a business trip to Shanghai, with him a Chinese travel guidebook for Germany, featuring a smiling and still-with-hair-on-the-head Thani on the cover!