Microsoft Advertising’s Customer Match integrates with Zeotap CDP to power first-party data strategies

Are you concerned about the phasing out of third-party cookies and wondering how to utilise your first-party customer data across the search network? Look no further, because we have a solution for you.


A future without third-party cookies?

With the digital marketing ecosystem transitioning away from third-party cookies (Apple with  Safari and Mozilla with Firefox have already paved the way), advertisers are proactively searching for alternative ways to reach their audiences. Utilising your first-party data is one way to ensure that you can engage with customers regardless of whether we move away from third-party cookies, and Customer Match from Microsoft Advertising is an effective and convenient way to target those audiences.


Introducing Microsoft Advertising’s Customer Match 

With customer match, use the email addresses your customers have shared with you to reengage with them across the Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network. (1)


Microsoft Advertising houses two main assets: Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network. The Microsoft Search Network boasts 14.7 billion monthly PC searches globally, 653 million Unique PC users and 18.3% PC market share (2). Microsoft Audience Network, which is Microsoft’s native advertising solution (the equivalent to Facebook’s Audience Network or the Google Display Network).


How does Zeotap CDP’s integration with Microsoft Advertising’s Customer Match help you?

Customer Match by Microsoft Advertising is an advertising tool that helps you make the most of your owned data. With people interacting with your business online and offline, there lies an opportunity to learn more about who they are and how you can address their needs. By leveraging unique first-party data obtained directly from your customers (the proverbial ‘gold dust’), you can unlock powerful advertising tools, such as Customer Match to help you deliver on your commercial goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Creating a bridge between Customer Match and Zeotap CDP helps fulfil a sensible requirement – to build and leverage a first-party data strategy, as no-one can be quite sure about the entire longevity of third-party cookies.


Getting started is easy!

It’s very easy to leverage Customer Match. Start by creating customer segments within Zeotap CDP. After the connection between Zeotap CDP and Microsoft Advertising’s Customer Match is configured, the customer segments appear in Microsoft Advertising’s Audience page, along with all your other segments. You can then use your customer match lists to increase brand awareness, improve conversion rates and reduce costs by re-engaging with customers or send personalised messages to upsell or cross-sell other products and services. In addition, you can use the lists to ensure that you’re only engaging with potential new customers.


What does Zeotap CDP bring in addition to Customer Match by Microsoft Advertising?

Search marketing is a tried and tested channel that is high in volume and easy to measure. It continues to be one of the most powerful ways to direct lower-funnel prospects toward conversion. The large volume of search traffic can create a significant impact on marketers, with even a slight increase in conversion rate resulting in a substantial boost in revenue.

Zeotap CDP’s integration with Microsoft Advertising’s Customer Match takes search marketing to the next level, allowing marketers to extend their reach across two dominant search channels (Microsoft Audience Network and Microsoft Search Network) and maximise the scale of their highest-performing tactics. For example, a brand that has both online and offline experiences could unify its 1P data using Zeotap CDP and then re-engage existing customers using the Microsoft Advertising platform. Another example, a brand can identify customers who qualify for a loyalty program and later engage with them through the search and/or audience networks.

With Zeotap CDP integrated, you have a 360-degree view of your customer profiles that allows you to:

  • Use your unified view of each customer, including offline and consent data, to retarget customers who are more likely to convert.
  • Have full control and flexibility over the customer data that’s uploaded. You decide how to use your own first-party data – build and modify any number of audience segments or lists to help you reach your business goals.
  • Use your existing segmentation and customer match lists by uploading them to your Microsoft Advertising account.
  • Refine your engagement efforts using Zeotap CDP customer segments, containing rich information on user behaviour and channel affinites.
  • Create ad campaigns that resonate to drive cross-sell, up-sell and brand awareness goals. 


Understanding the value of the integration through an audience suppression use case

You can create audience segments in Zeotap CDP, and use them in your Microsoft Advertising account to create your own suppression lists to establish personalised suppression lists and prevent your campaign budget from being wasted on the wrong audience. You are able to move individual customers in and out of the suppression lists as their attributes qualify or disqualify them from receiving certain ad content.

Take Joe for example, who heads up the marketing department at a music streaming service company. Premium subscribers of the service have the ability to download their playlist for offline listening, greater mobile features and an ad-free experience while they are listening. As receiving no ads is a major selling point for the premium subscription, Joe understands that creating suppression segments is critical (as budget would be wasted on premium subscribers). 

Joe not only wants to suppress premium subscribers from receiving ads from his own company, but he also wants to stop them from receiving ads from partners that play between songs. This will ensure that the paying customers aren’t annoyed by the ads and they receive the experience they’ve paid for, but it will also optimise budget spend. Automatically, when a customer purchases or cancels the premium subscription, they are automatically added or removed from the relevant segments in Zeotap CDP. These are forwarded to the Microsoft Advertising account ready for Customer Match to extend its search across the search networks.

A screenshot of how Zeotap CDP creates a suppression audience that can be activated in Microsoft Advertising’s Customer Match:


What’s next?

Microsoft Advertising’s Customer Match and Zeotap CDP are powerful tools that marketers can leverage to unify and segment customer data in order to engage with audiences that ultimately delivers business outcomes through first-part data strategies. If you would like to learn more, please do get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help: [email protected]

(1) Customer match: Use your own data to find customers, Microsoft Advertising

(2) Microsoft Search Network data