Welcome to the new Zeotap website!

You might have noticed that our website is looking a little different today…

Welcome to Zeotap’s new website, complete with a brand new visual identity!

The journey to this new site technically began six months ago, but in reality the momentum behind it began just over a year ago when we launched our Customer Data Platform.

That launch marked the start of a brand new chapter in the life of Zeotap. After several years in the business of data, we were now running the machinery that turns data into value (a Customer Data Platform). This opened up a new world of conversations for us, as well as the opportunity to onboard exciting new customers like Virgin Media – and the platform is going from strength to strength with new launches like Predictive Audiences.

New products and propositions always merit website updates – but this time around, there was another, slightly subtler, shift in play. Zeotap’s original visual identity had previously reflected the ‘mechanics’ of data – evoking ideas of technology, binaries and rapid-fire transactions. In launching a Customer Data Platform, we were entering a world where data itself was no longer the big prize. Instead, it was more of a means to an end – and that new goal was the customer experience it helps a marketer deliver.

In short, our previous visual identity was missing the most important part of the puzzle: the customer.

That’s why what you’re seeing today is a brand new visual language for Zeotap – one that puts the idea of the customer front-and-centre.

Zeotap brand image

As a marketer myself, it’s something that I relate to and hope that our customers do too. Data— far from being a specialism for a particularly technical breed of marketer—is now part of the lexicon for every marketer who wants to deliver the kind of engagement that keeps customers coming back. Today’s marketer uses data as a lens with which to see the customer more clearly, and with our platform we’re working to make that easier than ever.

You’ll find this thinking reflected throughout our new website (and everything else we do) along with brand new pages that dissect and illustrate our Customer Data Platform and ID+ and new sections showcasing our growing library of customer intelligence content.

We hope that you enjoy our new site and find it useful. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on where we take it next!