What’s a Universal ID?

Universal IDs are shared, persistent identifiers that connect users across the digital marketing ecosystem. They’re designed to safeguard the future of identity and addressability when third-party cookies are deprecated in 2023.

Why Zeotap CDP?

Compliance built in Europe

Explicit user consent is transparently baked into every ID+ record, with built-in tokenisations that ensure the protection of user data.


ID+ is based on transparent user authentication through hashed offline identifiers and does not rely on cookies or MAIDs.


ID+ is fully interoperable and available to connect with all other identifiers (both standard and proprietary) to maximise reach.

Easy integration

Publishers, brands or technology providers can adopt ID+ by simply integrating a website pixel.


ID+ works across both web and app properties on both mobile and desktop


ID+ is built on top of the world’s largest deterministic identity graph, with over 60 leading European publishers on board.

Discover how ID+ works


ID+ connects publishers, advertisers and both buy-side and sell-side platforms together to form a new ecosystem for the cookieless future. Here’s how it works:


Zeotap’s ID+ initiative is supported by publishers, large global brands, and members from the advertising, marketing, and technology ecosystem.


“In a future cookieless world, the ID+ initiative is essential to continue orchestrating people-based advertising campaigns strategies that are not under the yoke of walled gardens.”
Toni Andújar, Digital CX Director, Palladium Hotel Group

Toni Andújar, Digital CX Director, Palladium Hotel Group

“As the importance of building a diversified approach to persistent identity in the open web increases, and clients look to shore up their approach to identity, we’re proud to be working with Zeotap on its ID+ initiative.”

Miles Pritchard, Managing Partner, OMD

“PubMatic looks for partnerships that would provide publishers and advertisers with a portfolio of independent, innovative addressability solutions. Through this partnership with Zeotap, we aim to offer higher reach and user addressability for buyers across channels and improved monetisation capabilities to publishers.”
Kofi Amoako, Regional VP, Customer Success Operations EMEA, PubMatic

Kofi Amoako, Regional VP, Customer Success Operations EMEA, PubMatic

“Italiaonline has long been committed to offering people-centric advertising solutions and our partnership with Zeotap is an important step in the development of identity solutions”
Carmine Laltrelli  Adv Tech Directo, Italiaonline

Carmine Laltrelli, Adv Tech Directo, Italiaonline

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