No matter how good your first-party data asset is, it has natural limitations.

Ensuring your marketing has good reach and that your single customer view has depth means that you need access to third-party data sources.

But there are two challenges with most data sources: quality and privacy. That’s why we’ve created the largest high-quality spine of descriptive data across Europe and India, delivering unrivalled scale while having compliance baked in.

Unrivalled security and compliance

For over seven years, we’ve delivered data under European privacy and compliance standards, with certifications including ISO 27001, CSA Star, and GDPR Seal.

Socio-demographic data

Quality ID-verified or self-declared data sourced from telecom operators, e-commerce marketplaces, apps and publishers

Scale across the majority of the mobile population

Verified and continuously checked for On-Target Reach (OTR) against Nielsen DAR and Facebook

App usage data

Quality segments created by picking individual apps (no pre-packaged data) from top app SDKs and exclusive utility apps

Scale across the majority of the mobile population

Raw deterministic app usage data refreshed daily

Purchase intent data

Quality real shopping data or product view frequencies that follow strict thresholds in shopping environments, sourced from e-commerce sites, loyalty progammes, publishers, invoice and other purchase fulfilment providers

Scale with cross-device extension on demand

Raw purchase intent data refreshed daily


“These results are outstanding and we could not be more satisfied. Once more, Zeotap has proven to be a very reliable partner, not only with their deterministic demographic data, but also with their accurate interest data.”
Peter Jackson, Managing Director, Red Bull


“Zeotap has tremendously helped us in shaping the marketing strategy of our new fashion collection. By taking the guesswork out with accurate data, we could identify the most profitable interested target audience.”
Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans

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