Why Zeotap CDP?

Machine learning for marketers

Machine learning usually needs a Data Scientist at the controls. Predictive Audiences is designed for marketers, with segments created in a few clicks.

Create audiences in minutes

Predictive Audiences features two 'out of the box' models: Recency-Frequency-Monetary (RFM) and Customer Lifetime Value.

Enriched segments for more insights

Your machine-learned segments are enriched by third-party datapoints, to give you more insights into your high-potential audiences.

Decrease churn and attrition

Identifying the signs of churn in time to save a customer is notoriously difficult – with Predictive Audiences, you can identify your customer segments at risk of churn, and apply them to campaigns to win them back in just a few clicks.

Increase ROAS

Effective return on advertising spend is increasingly challenging, so having accurate target audiences is critical. Predictive Audiences pinpoints those audiences most likely to convert, giving you a shortcut to ROAS without the need for trial-and-error.

Know your customer

Every marketer wants faster, clearer insight on their customers – and to be able to take action on it immediately. Predictive Audiences places insights about your ‘best’ and ‘worst’ customers at your fingertips – and connected to all your martech and adtech stack for you to action in seconds.


What our customers say

“Zeotap has always set the bar when it comes to quality and security. It is part of their DNA.”
Steffen Roehn, former CIO, Deutsche Telekom

Steffen Roehn, former CIO, Deutsche Telekom

“Based on my experience, I can honestly say Zeotap’s platform is without equal. Brands can happily jettison a complex and inefficient patchwork of point solutions in favour of their unified stack for all data-related activities.”
Kay Schwabedal, Chief Digital Officer, Virgin Media

Kay Schwabedal, Chief Digital Officer, Virgin Media

“Being the data centre for the entire EMEA region, we have found Zeotap to be the right partner to improve our customer data intelligence and the service we provide to our clients.”
Jordi Urbea, Chief Revenue Officer, Ogilvy Spain

Jordi Urbea, Chief Revenue Officer, Ogilvy Spain

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