Why target with Zeotap Data?


Fully-consented data unlocks targeting in Europe


Over 500 million unique IDs ready to be activated


People-based and deterministic for unbeatable reliability


Dedicated support through our always-on Data Hotline

Solving a unique challenge for European advertisers 

European advertisers are working under the toughest data privacy conditions in the world, making achieving reliable reach both difficult and expensive – and it’s only going to become more so.  

Zeotap Data has been designed to provide the solution. 

Created specifically for the challenging data privacy conditions of Europe, Zeotap Data is a fully-consented data asset, delivering quality without compromising on data privacy. For advertisers, Zeotap Data delivers quality targeting at scale, without the headaches normally associated with European data compliance. And it does so quickly and easily.


Over seven years’ experience in delivering targeting campaigns has allowed us to create 2,500 pre-optimised segments that can be ready to deploy in minutes – setting you up for success, without the wait. Check out the segment finder to get started today. 


Targeting at scale in Europe is tough – that’s why Zeotap Data includes only fully-consented data, and is both GDPR and ePrivacy compliant. With continual security recertification, including ISO 27001, ISO27017 and ISO27018, you can be assured that your campaigns are all above board.


Zeotap Data’s data is composed of over 500 million unique IDs. With cross-device identifiers to deliver extended reach and even a post-cookie solution through a Universal ID, this is a solution for reliable reach.


Zeotap Data provides only people-based and deterministic data, sourced from over 130 providers and refreshed daily to ensure reliable quality.


Our dedicated Data Hotline is operated by experts in your timezone, who’ll accelerate your success through applying our data across up to 100 channels.

What our customers say

“Being the data centre for the entire EMEA region, we have found Zeotap to be the right partner to improve our customer data intelligence and the service we provide to our clients.”
Jordi Urbea, Chief Revenue Officer, Ogilvy Spain

Jordi Urbea, Chief Revenue Officer, Ogilvy Spain

“These results are outstanding and we could not be more satisfied. Once more, Zeotap has proven to be a very reliable partner, not only with their deterministic demographic data, but also with their accurate interest data.”
Peter Jackson, Managing Director, Red Bull


“Every time we use Zeotap data it increases the CTR in every single campaign.”
Felipe Moreno Padilla, Data and Audience Manager, Unidad Editorial

Felipe Moreno Padilla, Data and Audience Manager, Unidad Editorial

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