Why Zeotap CDP?

Build your single customer view

Zeotap breaks your customer data out of legacy silos, creating a single, unified profile for each customer.

World-class security standards

Our Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP) puts security first, meeting the strictest compliance standards in Europe.

Personalise on any channel

Keep customers engaged with smarter personalisation across your full stack of marketing and advertising tools.


Relationships built on trust


Today’s financial services customers expect connected experiences that make it easy for them access services. For banks, this presents a unique challenge – on the one hand, at the root of personalisation is the ability to unify and activate data at speed and scale, but on the other is the need to maintain the highest security and privacy standards when it comes to using data.

Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP) – developed in Germany to meet the world’s strictest standards on data – is uniquely equipped to meet that challenge.

Deliver personalised customer journeys

Today’s banking customers expect digital engagement via multi-channel personalisation. To deliver these experiences at scale, you need a clear, actionable view of every customer attribute and event.

Using the CIP’s User Journey Orchestration functionality, you can easily create these personalised journeys through hundreds of martech and adtech integrations.

Reduce churn and attrition

As new digital-first financial institutions emerge, attrition and growth are a big concern for the financial sector.

Zeotap’s Predictive Audiences module creates machine-learned segments of your customers most likely to churn, so that you can focus on your campaigns and offers in time to save them.

Accelerate digitalisation

Creating new digital touchpoints normally requires multiple API integrations to ensure they work together – a complex and time-consuming investment.

Zeotap’s CIP means you just need one integration to bring your new service into the rest of your stack, cutting down time-to-value in your new customer journey.

What our customers say

“Zeotap has always set the bar when it comes to quality and security. It is part of their DNA.”
Steffen Roehn, former CIO, Deutsche Telekom

Steffen Roehn, former CIO, Deutsche Telekom

“Based on my experience, I can honestly say Zeotap’s platform is without equal. Brands can happily jettison a complex and inefficient patchwork of point solutions in favour of their unified stack for all data-related activities.”
Kay Schwabedal, Chief Digital Officer, Virgin Media

Kay Schwabedal, Chief Digital Officer, Virgin Media

“Being the data centre for the entire EMEA region, we have found Zeotap to be the right partner to improve our customer data intelligence and the service we provide to our clients.”
Jordi Urbea, Chief Revenue Officer, Ogilvy Spain

Jordi Urbea, Chief Revenue Officer, Ogilvy Spain

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