Why Zeotap CDP?

Addressability in the cookieless future

The deprecation of third-party cookies threatens the status quo for publishers - Zeotap’s ID+ Universal ID provides the solution

Manage your-first party data

A strong first-party data asset is a publisher’s lifeline – Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform is your foundation

Mastering user consent

Your authenticated data is only valuable where privacy and consent are watertight – Zeotap’s built-in standards have got you covered


Monetising inventory in a post-cookie world

Zeotap’s ID+ solution is a Universal ID that provides publishers with a future-proof solution for advertising revenue by resolving identities at scale in a cookieless, privacy-first world.

Built on top of the largest deterministic identity graph for Europe and India, it prepares your inventory for cookieless addressability.

Create your own ‘private walled garden’

ID+ offers publishers the opportunity to create and activate ‘private walled gardens’ of premium inventory based on authenticated data. This in turn commands higher CPMs.

Seamless and efficient operation

ID+ can be integrated with a single website pixel – explicit user consent is also baked into every ID+ record, and Zeotap also integrates with a range of Consent Management Platforms.

Support wider data use cases

Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform is a next-generation Customer Data Platform, designed to make it easy to unify, enhance and activate your first-party data. Ideal for publishers looking to deliver personalised experiences and offers to subscribers.

Enrich your inventory

Improve your first-party data inventory through enrichment with additional consented data from third-party sources. Discover how Zeotap’s Data Enrichment solution can help you deliver enhanced scale and performance.

What our customers say

“The ID+ of Zeotap couldn’t have come at a better time. In a world where privacy is a prime concern, cookie-less user identity resolution, touch-point and device mapping in a privacy-regulation-friendly way is vital.”

Chandra Mohan, Managing Director, International Business Times

“ID+ will bring a lot of value to an industry that’s looking for ways to solve an identity challenge that affects every player in the advertising value chain. We’re happy to partner with Zeotap and become one of the first publishers to try out the user identification infrastructure they have put in place.”
Alfredo Martell  General Director, Imagen Digital

Alfredo Martell, General Director, Imagen Digital

“With the upcoming changes to cookies, the concept of identification and publishers’ proprietary data will become key to the digital ecosystem. We’re delighted to collaborate with Zeotap on this important subject at the start of this important year.”

David Folgueira, Executive Director PMS AdTech, Prisma Media

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