Why Zeotap CDP?

Create a unified customer view

Merge data from disparate sources, resolving identities to create a single, unified profile for all your customers.

Personalisation with privacy

Telco consumers demand personalisation and privacy - balance them with confidence.

Deliver multichannel experiences

Keep customers engaged with personalisation across every touchpoint, including customer service.


Relationships built on trust.


The customer journey for a telco customer is naturally complex, with a broad range of products, a lengthy multi-touch purchase cycle and different contract lengths. In this environment, customer data ends up siloed into different platforms, leading to a fragmented experience for the end user.

To ensure that hard-won customers are retained, leading telcos turn to Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP).

Prevent churn and attrition

With our customer intelligence platform, it’s easy to prevent churn.

Zeotap’s Predictive Audiences module creates machine-learned segments of your customers most likely to churn, so that you can focus on your campaigns and offers in time to save them.

Increase upsell and cross-sell

Customer Lifetime Value is a pivotal metric for telco, and at its core is the ability to effectively cross-sell and upsell products and services.

Zeotap’s Predictive Audiences module allows you to create machine-learned audiences of customers most likely to be effectively upsold, streamlining your campaigns for the best possible result.

Increase conversion rates

Many marketers still rely on website data to target site visitors with campaigns and offers to increase conversion – missing the bigger picture.

Use Zeotap’s CIP to deliver Next-Best-Action based on the full picture to increase conversions.

What our customers say

“Zeotap has always set the bar when it comes to quality and security. It is part of their DNA.”
Steffen Roehn, former CIO, Deutsche Telekom

Steffen Roehn, former CIO, Deutsche Telekom

“Based on my experience, I can honestly say Zeotap’s platform is without equal. Brands can happily jettison a complex and inefficient patchwork of point solutions in favour of their unified stack for all data-related activities.”
Kay Schwabedal, Chief Digital Officer, Virgin Media

Kay Schwabedal, Chief Digital Officer, Virgin Media

“Our partnership with Zeotap has been great. The powerful combination of our data combined with Zeotap’s high-quality app usage and purchase intent data has allowed the UK largest brands to achieve increased marketing ROI.”
Charlie Mcgee, Director of Advertising, Three UK


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