Why Zeotap CDP?

Create a single customer view

Zeotap breaks your customer data out of legacy silos, creating a single, unified profile for each customer.

Balance personalisation with privacy

Confidently balance customer demands for personalisation with the need to protect their data privacy and consent preferences.

Deliver on multichannel experiences

Keep customers engaged and active with smarter personalisation across all your channels.


Relationships built on trust


The travel industry has been through an extraordinary period – but necessity has been the mother of invention. Airlines and other travel businesses have used the disruption caused by COVID-19 to develop new products, increase content production and find new ways of engaging their customers.

As recovery looms, now is the time for travel businesses to leverage Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP) as a foundation for more meaningful customer relationships.

Deliver personalised customer journeys

For the travel industry, the experience is the product – and getting it right means making it personalised from beginning to end.

Using the CIP’s User Journey Orchestration functionality, you can easily create personalised journeys through hundreds of martech and adtech integrations.

Decrease churn and attrition

Airlines and travel businesses need to play the long-game, continually nurturing and engaging customers so that they’re ready to book as soon as the opportunity allows.

Zeotap’s Predictive Audiences module creates machine-learned segments of the customers most likely to churn, so that you can focus on your campaigns and offers in time to save them.

Develop new digital services

The travel industry is under pressure to build new digital touchpoints to sustain revenue – for example, new ways to earn or use loyalty points when travel is off the table.

Developing these normally requires multiple API integrations to ensure they work together – a complex and time-consuming investment. Zeotap’s CIP means you just need one integration to bring your new service into the rest of your stack, cutting down time-to-value in your new customer journey.

What our customers say

“Based on my experience, I can honestly say Zeotap’s platform is without equal. Brands can happily jettison a complex and inefficient patchwork of point solutions in favour of their unified stack for all data-related activities.”
Kay Schwabedal, Chief Digital Officer, Virgin Media

Kay Schwabedal, Chief Digital Officer, Virgin Media

“In a future cookieless world, the ID+ initiative is essential to continue orchestrating people-based advertising campaigns strategies that are not under the yoke of walled gardens.”
Toni Andújar, Digital CX Director, Palladium Hotel Group

Toni Andújar, Digital CX Director, Palladium Hotel Group

“Our partnership with Zeotap has been great. The powerful combination of our data combined with Zeotap’s high-quality app usage and purchase intent data has allowed the UK largest brands to achieve increased marketing ROI.”
Charlie Mcgee, Director of Advertising, Three UK


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