TabMo and zeotap partnership delivers ‘precision advertising’ for mobile

Verified deterministic mobile data and easy creative process enables advertisers and agencies to meet campaign objectives

TabMo, the first mobile creative demand-side platform (DSP), has today announced a partnership with global mobile data platform zeotap that will enable advertisers to develop their own creatives and deliver them with precision targeting to specific audiences.
Partnering with large telecoms and exclusive enterprise partners, zeotap has access to anonymized, ID-verified mobile data as well as raw data on app downloads and usage that is updated every day. Because data is up-to-date, verified and deterministic (real rather than scaled through modeling), advertisers are able to achieve better results. A 2017 audit undertaken by industry association AIMC in Spain showed zeotap’s data to be up to six times more accurate in terms of on-target reach than equivalent data measured by Nielsen and comScore.  Launched in 2014, zeotap’s data is now used by over 50 of the top 100 global brands.
zeotap’s intelligent data platform, zeoCore, uses this data input to develop highly accurate audience segments for mobile advertising; these are now available to customers using Hawk, TabMo’s mobile DSP.
Hawk is the first DSP to combine programmatic ad buying with proprietary creative ad units.  Used by 250 trading desks and agencies around the world, it simplifies the creative process by enabling advertisers to build their ad directly within the advertising platform, while offering the control and transparency of self-service. Having created their ads, advertisers and agencies, use the Hawk data marketplace to select the audience segment that best suits their campaign needs.
The collaboration between TabMo and zeotap is a sign of the growing mobile market.  Mobile internet use will account for 26% of global media consumption in 2019, up from 19% in 2016 (Source: Zenith Media Consumption Forecasts), while mobile is set to account for 67.3% of digital ad spend and 29.2% of total media advertising in 2018, according to the eMarketer Global Ad Spending Forecast for 2018.
Léonard Steger, Country Manager at zeotap, says: “Our mission is to democratise access to accurate and relevant data in every major advertising market. The partnership with TabMo matches a sophisticated but straightforward creative process with unique data segments to drive advanced campaign results.”
Renaud Biet, Co-Founder at TabMo says: “Mobile usage, and consequently mobile advertising, continues to grow at an exponential rate.  However, there’s a world of difference between good and bad ads; if brands want to be effective they need the right technologies. Having a great creative only works when seen by the right people.  Working with zeotap helps us to deliver ‘precision advertising’ to our customers.”

About TabMo

Headquartered in Paris, with an R&D team in Montpellier (France) and offices in New York City, Chicago, London and Cologne. TabMo is the first mobile creative demand side platform (DSP). Founded in 2013, TabMo bridges the worlds of programmatic and creativity by onboarding automated creative modules inside its Hawk platform. It offers advertisers and agencies the ability to manage their entire purchasing process and mobile creative production, in one single adtech stack. Hawk by TabMo is the first self-service programmatic software combining creativity and programmatic. Further details are available on the website:

About zeotap

zeotap unites the world’s most valuable data to fuel growth. We enable our clients to achieve better results through precision at scale and intelligent technology. The first company to win major telecom operators around the world as data partners, zeotap has since become the leader in sourcing, refining and distributing high-quality data from large enterprises. Founded in Berlin in September 2014, zeotap today has offices in New York, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Bengaluru and Mumbai and counts all major media agencies and many global brands as its clients.