Leveraging data to convert more customers

Truly personalised experiences factor in data from multiple customer touchpoints – because most customers interact with more than just your website.

With a unified view of these different interactions, you can launch campaigns based on the bigger picture, engaging visitors with more relevant content that increases the chances of conversion.


Improve website conversion rates through delivering scalable personalised experiences.


Many marketers still rely on website data to target site visitors with campaigns and offers: these campaigns do not take data from the customer’s other multiple touchpoints (for example, email engagement) into account.

As a result, marketers miss out on opportunities to leverage valuable sets of data that result in higher-quality campaigns.


Create a single unified view of your customers using Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform.

Use the platform to apply machine-learned predictive segments in just a few clicks using the Predictive Audiences module, and activate these audiences seamlessly to deliver multi-channel personalised customer experiences.

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