Goodbye, third-party cookies – hello, Universal ID

The deprecation of third-party cookies will put a strain on advertisers’ ability to offer targeted ads that appeal to consumers and generate return. Universal IDs are the natural next step in easing this strain – and there’s not a minute to lose in getting one on board.


Deliver accurate and effective programmatic advertising that drives measurable results and complies with privacy regulations – all in the absence of third-party cookies.


The disappearance of third-party cookies in late 2023 means that the usual means of addressing target audiences will break.

In the new reality of addressability, brands are left to choose between targeting methods like contextual or probabilistic, which offer reach but little accuracy – putting budgets at risk of being wasted.


Zeotap’s ID+ is a Universal ID that delivers premium addressability in a cookieless future. Natively integrated into the Customer Intelligence Platform, it allows marketers to connect their first-party data to the programmatic ecosystem for addressing across channels, and offers quality authenticated audiences from over 60 publishers in Europe and India.

ID+ has consent baked into it, ensuring that accurate, quality audience addressability doesn’t come at the cost of consumer privacy.

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