Put the ‘data’ in ‘data-driven marketing’

With huge shifts towards digital channels over recent years causing increasing competition for impressions and tougher conditions for ROI, marketing success hinges more and more on the ability to use data to not just target, but model.


Connect the data dots to deliver effective insights with which to drive marketing efforts.


Many marketers are ‘data-rich and insight-poor’, struggling with the gap between having customer data and being able to act on it.

Getting access to Data Science resources is usually the only way to bridge this gap, but proves challenging in practice.


Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform not only unifies data, but delivers actionable insight from it at the click of a button.

Its Predictive Audiences module allows marketers to easily create machine-learned segments without the need for Data Science support, using models such as Customer Lifetime Value or Recency, Frequency, Monetary. These audiences can then be activated across channels in a few clicks using real-time journey orchestration.

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