Do you have an effective process in place for acquiring new customers?

Combine your online and offline data to understand completely the attributes of your best customers to drive effective prospecting campaigns using lookalike audiences.


Customer acquisition: increase acquisition conversion rate (CVR).


Fragmented customer data limits a marketing teams’ ability to acquire new customers, as it’s impossible to produce an accurate picture of your best customer – the type of customer you want to attract. A lookalike audience without a reliable ‘seed audience’ will underperform in martech and adtech campaigns, especially if reliant on probabilistic data linkages.


A feature of Zeotap CDP is Deterministic Lookalikes, which creates a new target audience from Zeotap Fuel to resemble your best customers (based on CLV, for example). Zeotap Fuel supplements your first-party data to complete the 360° picture, without compromising privacy. The deterministic lookalike audience can be activated in either a single platform or multiple platforms of your choice, offering both scale and performance.


  • Create a Trusted Golden Record of each and every customer using all of your customer’s traits, both online and offline, to generate the most trusted seed groups for customer acquisition campaigns.  
  • Target prospects with a high probability to convert on your martech platform of choice.
  • Drive efficiency and scale by repurposing customer segments across a range of platform integrations.
  • Reduce your time to market with acquisition campaigns, as once your audience segments are created they are dynamically updated.
  • Zeotap’s lookalikes are powered by deterministic data, which links identifiable data, like an email address or a cookie ID, and has a likelihood of being 100% true. Whereas, probabilistic data is based on behavioural events, like page views. Deterministic vs Probabilisitic.


  • A leading European travel company increased their acquisition conversion rate by 92%.

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