Do you have an effective process in place for targeting website visitors?

Exclude existing customers, using suppression audiences, for retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as other adtech platforms, to increase the new customer acquisition conversion rate.


Customer acquisition: increase conversion rate (CVR).


Excluding existing customers from retargeting campaigns is an essential component for campaign success. The challenge is identifying and suppressing the largest amount of existing customers, as this will maximise the conversion rate and minimise media budget wastage.


Zeotap CDP combines audience suppression with its proprietary data asset – Zeotap Fuel – that supplements your first-party data to build a larger audience to exclude. Unique to Zeotap, this fills any gaps in your first-party data and completes the 360° picture without compromising privacy. Using this approach, a greater quantity of existing customers can be excluded to increase the conversion rate and optimise budget spend. 


  • Create a Trusted Golden Record of each and every customer by unifying your first-party data from key data silos, both online and offline.
  • Enrich your first-party customer IDs with Zeotap Fuel to increase the number of existing customers that can be excluded.
  • Zeotap Fuel includes data enrichment: socio-demographic data, app usage data, purchase intent data and brand purchase data.
  • Zeotap Fuel includes third-party identity resolution to connect your first-party data to identifiers across the programmatic ecosystem, making your customers identifiable for exclusion (or targeting).
  • Drive efficiency and scale by repurposing your segment of existing customers across a range of platform integrations.
  • Reduce your time to market with retargeting campaigns, as once your suppression audience segment is created it is dynamically updated.
  • Target website visitors and exclude existing customers to increase the conversion rate and reduce acquisition costs.


A leading European tier-1 telco/cable company realised the below results in a retargeting campaign on Facebook and Instagram over a one-month period:

  • +55% conversion rate
  • +38% click-through rate
  • +19% clicks to earnings per visitor (EPV)
  • -43% cost per order

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