Do you have a unified view of customer consent?

The manual process for data teams to stitch together customer data and reflect the most up-to-date consent choices for marketing campaigns is time consuming and mistakes costly.


Easily create an actionable and compliant (GDPR, CCPA) Trusted Golden Record of each customer to improve efficiency between data and marketing teams.


Data silos generate manual work for data teams to stitch together customer IDs and filter for consent when creating segments for marketing. There is a risk of including non-consented customers and excluding consented customers in marketing campaigns.


Create an actionable and compliant Trusted Golden Record of each customer by unifying IDs from online and offline sources, including consent and marketing preferences, and make it available in a marketer-friendly platform for easy segmentation and activation.


  • Reduce campaign creation effort of data teams
  • Reduce time to unified consent data by nearly 100%
  • Automate consent rules to define whether a customer shall be included or excluded in activation channels
  • Privacy-compliant marketing campaigns (to keep your DPO happy!)
  • Provide marketing with direct access to actionable customer data for simple campaign activation


  • German telco enabled marketing actionability and reduced time to unified consent by almost 100%, through the creation of a Trusted Golden Record of each customer, including consent and marketing preferences
  • Complete regulatory compliance (GDPR, CCPA) and customer trust at the heart of the use case 

Zeotap CDP automatically reflects user consent for today’s privacy-minded marketing and data teams

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