Reducing churn requires data-driven insight

Good acquisition with poor retention is a zero-sum game. By identifying the specific attrition signals that negatively impact churn rate, you can react at scale with messages and offers that increase retention.


Increase customer loyalty by recognising and reacting to the specific attrition signals that indicate churn risk. Use these signals to target at-risk customers with the right incentive to win back their engagement and trust.


Identifying churn signals from thousands of scattered datapoints (held in multiple places) is near-impossible without an extensive Data Science project.


Zeotap’s Predictive Audiences, a native part of the Customer Intelligence Platform, creates machine-learned segments of customers who are most likely to churn.

Customers within these segments can then be targeted with relevant engagement and offers, powered by the platform’s User Journey Orchestration feature.

The result: tailored multi-channel marketing campaigns executed with speed and ease, catching would-be lost customers in time to save them.

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