Valuable customer data shouldn’t live in a silo

Data silos have a lasting negative impact on the end-quality of a customer’s experience – and your businesses’ day-to-day operations.


Deliver a seamless experience across every customer’s journey by leveraging data from interactions and behaviours across multiple channels and platforms.


Data lives in silos across businesses, owned by different teams and organised for different purposes.

For example, Customer Support teams have no access to purchase history data in order to offer solutions that are relevant to each customer’s challenges. Meanwhile, Marketing teams lack data on a customer’s previous support interactions to help them produce campaigns that target them based on the challenges they’ve faced.

What’s more, there’s the issue of how consent is collected, mastered and reflected across this data – pivotal if it’s to be actioned under today’s restrictions around privacy.


By unifying data into one single customer view in Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform, every team that engages with customers can operate using one collective source of truth. Support teams can prioritise cases based on customer value, while Marketing teams can target NBO/NBA based on recent support inquiries. Consent is baked into every record so data is only used when it can be used.

The result: one cohesive customer experience, measurable as more valuable customer lifetime value.

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