Upselling and cross-selling is all about timing

When timed and targeted correctly, customers can be introduced to new products and content that increase order value and overall trust in your brand. Done poorly, however, and these attempts can negatively harm conversions and brand perception.


Optimise the timing of upsell and cross-sell campaigns to engage customers with products and content only when it’s most relevant to them.


Successful upsell and cross-sell campaigns require a single, unified view of a customer’s behaviour – including an understanding of when and how they should be approached throughout their journey.

Triggering an upsell or cross-sell opportunity when a customer simply isn’t ready or interested can result in increased attrition, lower order value and a costly ROI.


Use Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform to create a unified customer view of attributes and behaviours across multiple channels. Enhance this with additional ‘life event’ data from our Enterprise Data enrichment to understand the optimum time to introduce new offers, modelled by machine learning segmentation using the Predictive Audiences feature.

Finally, use the platform’s User Journey Orchestration module to execute, recommending relevant and complementary products and content across any martech or adtech channel, delivering upsell and cross-sell strategies that lead to increased customer lifetime value.

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