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Zeotap Launches Connect — A Global Deterministic Identity Solution Allowing Brands to Match Offline Customer CRM Data to Digital Identifiers

New York — February 6th, 2019—The global mobile data and identity platform Zeotap announced today a new identity solution, Connect, which deterministically matches brands’ offline CRM data to mobile identifiers, and helps premier brands bridge the long-existing gap between offline and online data.

Zeotap is already working with three of the top 10 global advertisers across several key verticals such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and fast food / quick service restaurants (QSR). Premier brands and their agencies, including Unilever India and Omnicom Media Group, trust Zeotap with their first-party CRM data and optimising their mobile campaigns at a global scale in a way they never could before.

The significant promise of digital advertising since its broad adoption in the 2000s was to bring large-scale personalisation, a unified customer view and better measurability across channels. Since then, advertisers and agencies have become smarter about using data in their campaigns and have started to heavily invest in their DMPs and growing their first-party data.  In 2018, 91 percent of advertisers have already adopted or plan to adopt a DMP solution and 94 percent of brands were using first-party CRM data in 2017 – all according to a Salesforce survey of 900 advertising leaders across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

“Despite heavy investment, the reality is that bridging the different identifiers across the digital ecosystem — from mobile, tablet, desktop to TV — has been a significant challenge. Without that ability, brands have not been able to make full use of their first-party data,” said Daniel Heer, Founder and CEO, Zeotap. “Zeotap is now the only mobile-focused company that can solve this problem on a global scale thanks to our integration with leading enterprises in Europe, the US and India via our new identity solution Connect.”

Zeotap’s Unique Patented Telco Identity Graph

With Connect, the company now offers deterministic offline-to-online matches across the top five EU markets, as well as the US and India. Its integration with the largest telecom operators, mobile app publishers and other large enterprise partners has allowed Zeotap to develop a unique patented telco identity graph that helps brands connect offline first-party CRM data (hashed emails and hashed phone numbers) to online identifiers (device IDs and cookies), enabling brands to finally unleash the full power of their own data in a mobile-first environment.
In the US, Zeotap has built a very large identity graph for mobile with over 200m matches.

The company can also append further data attributes to these matches, allowing brands to make use of Zeotap’s targeting capabilities. As a result, brands can gain better insight into their users and benefit from an advanced targeting strategy based on Zeotap’s accurate ID-verified socio-demographic and hiqh-quality behavioural data.

GDPR and Privacy

Connect has been built using privacy-by-design principles to comply with GDPR and global privacy standards. Some of these measures include only working with securely hashed identifiers (hashed email addresses or phone numbers) that are always independently stored. The company uses their own identifier – the ZeoID – which is a rotating hashkey that separates brands’ identity data from Zeotap’s targeting attributes for security reasons. Finally, Zeotap has been awarded several enterprise-grade security and privacy certifications, including ISO 27001, CSA STAR Cloud Security Silver and e-privacy GDPR-ready seal in Europe, making it unique among data companies worldwide.

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