Zeotap products overview

Founded in 2014 and built with love from Germany for privacy-first Enterprise customers.
Today, Zeotap owns two data solutions.

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Experience the power of Zeotap CDP

Unleashing the full potential of your customer data

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4+4 Framework

Specialised in prioritising simple use cases that drive commercial outcomes in 8 weeks

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GCP Native

Frictionless deployment make existing tools and investment better with latency and cost advantages

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Built for Marketers

Designed for hands-on marketers with no need for technical coding skills

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Including Cookieless ID

Patented identity stitching strategies for discriminatory digital marketing use cases

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From Europe for Europe

Conceived in Germany and developed for stringent European regulation

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We will be your trusted partner, not just a software vendor, that will make your CDP project successful.

Solutions overview


Acquisition and Growth

Drive revenue from new and existing customers while reducing your cost per action

Loyalty and Retention

Build customer loyalty to increase sales and better achieve commercial outcomes

Customer Experience and Personalisation

Investing in personalisation and experience decreases costs, increases revenue and improves brand reputation

Predictive Insights and Customer Analytics

Transform diverse customer data into insights to engage with customers across the lifecycle intelligently

Data Collection and Privacy

Omnichannel data collection, including up-to-date consumer consent choices, delivers GDPR compliance and optimised customer experiences

Success stories and quotes

Zeotap CDP Modules

Elevate your customer experiences by leveraging Zeotap CDP’s comprehensive solution to integrate data from real-time platforms and data warehouses, unify with our patented ID stitching capabilities, effortlessly segment and orchestrate omni-channel customer journeys while prioritizing privacy and customer preferences.

Zeotap CDP Features

Zeotap CDP offers powerful features to build a comprehensive customer view, get deep insights, leverage AI to segment precisely and personalize across customer journeys with consent.

Zeotap CDP Integrations

Zeotap CDP integrates your customer data with all your essential business tools with out-of-the-box connectors, providing trusted, actionable data to fuel your business. With over 150 pre-built (business-ready) integrations, you can effortlessly connect Zeotap CDP with a range of the most utilised marketing technologies in just a few clicks.

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