Zeotap is a Customer Intelligence Platform that helps brands understand customers and predict behavior. By advancing customer data, we empower brands to invest in relationships and products that matter. Our solution already enables 60+ of the top 100 global brands to achieve their marketing goals. Let us help you to achieve yours.




Digitize your CRM for a unified customer view

  • Merge the offline (CRM data) and online worlds (Digital IDs)
  • Conduct effective prospecting and suppression
  • Identify your current customers on your domain


Unlock the full power of your 1st party data and understand customer trigger points

  • Add zeotap's unified high-quality data set to your CRM/DMP channels
  • Achieve a 360º customer profile to better inform who to spend your budgets on
  • Enhance your predictive models and marketing analytics through machine learning


Increase your marketing ROI based on deep customer insight

  • Conduct better prospecting and suppression based on your own data
  • Reach current customers that want to be up/cross-sold
  • Get in front of customers with a high-likelihood to churn
  • Develop true omnichannel solutions


Success Stories

Thanks to zeotap's end-to-end identity and data solution, we were able to better understand our customers across devices and plan our marketing activities based on this enhanced knowledge. The results have been unbelievable so far.
CMO, Large FMCG Brand
We first on-boarded the brand’s 1st party CRM data with high match rates to reveal customer insights. This led to a new prospect audience discovery and allowed the brands to activate their own data more effectively. Naturally, the brands decided to enrich their DMP with zeotap’s ID-verified data with +70% On-Target-Percentage (OTP).


Email Match Rate

30 MM

Profiles Enriched


Cost On-target


02 Red Bull
These results are outstanding and we could not be more satisfied. Once more, zeotap has proven to be a very reliable partner, not only with their deterministic demographic data, but also with their accurate interest data.
Prefer wings with your meal on a hard work day? We helped Red Bull target its "[email protected]" campaign encouraging professionals to accompany their lunch with energy drinks, to combat the stress of urban life. The campaign was powered by our custom interest segment comprised of active food delivery app users had previously installed and used on their devices.


03 Bank
By reducing our yearly attrition by 20% to 30%, we could nearly double our average revenue growth. That's why the exercise we conducted with zeotap was so key for us. They provided us with better input to run our models, which had a direct impact on our ROI and overall revenue.
Chief Data Officer, Large Bank
We empowered the performance of the brand's internal analytics and churn prediction models by improving the input data that goes into them. The better the input the better the output. We enriched their CRM data so that the brand could better identify the customer with the highest propensity to churn and reach out to them to prevent doing so.


Profiles Matched

60 MM

Attributes Enriched


Retention Rate


04 Mercedes
The auto market is a deeply competitive one, but Zeotap's solution enabled us to successfully position our Mercedes E-Class to the most optimal audience and thus increased Marketing ROI. Previously, we struggled to reach the right audience, but their solution was a game-changer for us to give direction to our marketing strategy and enabled us to reach our optimistic goals.
Mercedes Benz Spokesperson
The new Mercedes E-class is not a car everyone can afford. We created a custom segment tailored to Mercedes' desired audience that increased both awareness and consideration significantly compared to all campaigns run in parallel.


05 Pepe Jeans
Zeotap has tremendously helped us in shaping the marketing strategy of our new fashion collection. By taking the guess work out with accurate data, we could identify the most proftable interested target audience.
Pepe Jeans Spokesperson
Before launching their new autumn/winter collection, Pepe Jeans assumed its campaign would resonate most with a younger audience. Running a deterministic audience discovery with zeotap revealed the campaign was in fact best received by the much older Gen X. The distribution strategy was shifted and Pepe Jeans could allocate all their budgets where they made the most impact.


Audience Discovery


Telecom & Enterprise power

We're not just another data sales house. zeoCore runs on our proprietary deterministic consumer device graph and leaves nothing to chance or guesswork. Through strict data audits, matrix-based prioritizations and intelligent decisions, we go above and beyond to ensure only the most accurate data powers our solutions.

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