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Zeotap CDP offers a comprehensive package encompassing powerful features designed to empower your business to unlock the full potential of your customer data. Recognising that every business is unique, we offer a modular subscription plan that caters to your distinct requirements. 


With our flexible pricing model, you have the freedom to pick and choose from a range of modules and features, creating a bespoke CDP solution that aligns perfectly with your goals. Bid farewell to rigid, one-size-fits-all offerings and embrace the freedom, flexibility, and versatility of Zeotap CDP.

Zeotap CDP’s Core Package + Add-ons

Flexibility Meets Data Power

Zeotap's Customer Success and Support

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Zeotap's Implementation Package

Crafting Success Through Custom Integrations

Zeotap CDP Package

Our flexible subscription lets you tailor a CDP solution that aligns perfectly with your goals. Customise your package to maximise the benefits for your business!


Integrate your disparate data sources to create actionable, unified customer profiles.


Unify onsite and offsite data to achieve a 360-degree view of each customer, empowering personalised experiences and driving conversions.


Segment your customer data, harness the power of machine learning and activate them across multiple channels for maximum campaign success.


Protect your customer data by being compliant with regulatory frameworks like CCPA, GDPR, and others through our privacy-focused platform.

User Dashboard

Analyse platform usage, delve into consumption metrics and attain visibility into aggregated data, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and improved business performance.


Provides an interface for user creation, access management and creation of child organisations. Accordingly, enable features for each of the organisations as per your business requirements.

API Access

Read, write, or delete user profiles within Zeotap CDP remotely via API, enhancing data management and allowing easy integration with external applications.


Orchestrate a personalised journey with actionable recommendations that enhance retention, minimise attrition, and optimise sales.

ID Extension

Leverage Zeotap’s third-party data to find and link online identifiers (MAIDs, cookies) with your first-party identifiers (email, mobile number and more).

Non-Customer Data / Entity

Ingest, enrich, and activate user profiles with non-customer entity data like product catalogues, order data, campaign data, account data, transaction data and more that are not directly tied to a user but to an attribute associated with the user.

Predictive Audiences

Build out-of-box AI/ML-based audiences for precise targeting using predictive behaviour analysis. Utilise ML models to analyse customer behaviour and auto-create custom audiences based on predictions like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) values.

Consent Analytics

Access consolidated data for analytics, modelling, and downstream applications. Gain a comprehensive perspective and analyse consent purposes and marketing preferences from various sources in detail.

We provide a tiered pricing model based on the number of ingested events

Learn more about our package tiers.

All you need for your success

For Implementation, customer success and support we offer different packages. Pick the ones which you prefer, customised to your needs.

Implementation Package

Implementation can be delivered directly by us or by one of our trusted partners. Our Implementation Packages are designed to provide an implementation experience tailored to your needs. With technical and operational kick-off calls, a dedicated implementation plan and ongoing support, we ensure seamless onboarding and faster time-to-value.

Customer Success

Our customer success package is tailored to the unique demands of individual businesses, providing timely aid, swift response durations and designated points of contact for customer satisfaction. Engagements encompass regular assessments, accessibility, and business evaluations. To learn more about the details of our customer success and support offerings:

Customer Support

Zeotap is dedicated to partnering to bring you success through our comprehensive support package. Our customer support structure includes email, phone, availability, response times and dedicated support contacts. To learn more about the details of our customer success and support offerings:

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