Acquisition and Growth

Drive revenue from new and existing customers while reducing your cost per action

Key use cases

The below use cases illustrate how marketers utilise Zeotap CDP to achieve acquisition and growth goals

Audience suppression

Exclude existing customers from marketing campaigns based on purchases made across all channels.

Cross-sell and upsell campaigns

Select the next best product or action for existing customers based on their previous behaviour.

Abandoned cart campaigns

Send promotions to customers who abandon shopping carts and stop when it is no longer relevant.

Why is acquisition and growth important?

From a marketer’s point of view, it typically costs 5 to 25 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. The extra cost is a result of the additional time and resources it takes to attract new customers unfamiliar with the brand. On the other hand, an existing customer is more likely to purchase or interact with a brand if they have already built some initial trust. Customer acquisition initiatives allow you to grow your customer base, which powers more cost-efficient growth campaigns aimed at existing customers to drive sales, revenue, and loyalty.

Success stories and quotes


Audience suppression
Exclude previous buyers

Marketers can take advantage of a unified customer database in order to exclude customers from campaigns based on their previous purchases made across all channels. A unified customer database helps reduce waste, increase conversion rates to impact return on ad spend (ROAS), and avoid a poor customer experience, ensuring customers are not bombarded with irrelevant or duplicate messages. By excluding customers from promotions, marketers’ campaigns are more effective and efficient while also increasing the lifetime value of removed customers. Maximise the return on investment for each campaign by delivering only the most relevant messages to customers.


Cross-sell and upsell campaigns

Marketers can track visitor behaviour and IDs in real-time from downstream activation platforms. Rules can be applied to touch points across a customer journey that select the best product for the customer based on profile data. This selection is sent to the advertising or marketing platform for delivery to the customer. Marketers can monitor the customer’s behaviour and make new, adjusted selections if needed. With cross-sell and upsell campaigns, marketers can now provide their customers with a more personalised experience to increase customer lifetime value and sales.


Abandoned cart campaigns

Marketers can use abandoned cart lists from advertising platforms to their advantage. By using profile data, marketers can determine the best treatment for each customer, whether retargeting customers with offers through a selection of channels: email, mobile, social, web, and onsite. Customers can be removed from the abandoned cart audience segment when they buy the product, eliminating them from being sent offers and ads that are no longer relevant. By using abandoned cart lists, marketers can target customers more effectively and increase their chances of making a sale. Marketers can use this powerful use case to maximise return on ad spend and increase the customer base.

Why Zeotap CDP?

4+4 Framework

Specialised in prioritising simple use cases that drive commercial outcomes in 8 weeks

GCP Native

Frictionless deployment make existing tools and investment better with latency and cost advantages

Built for Marketers

Designed for hands-on marketers with no need for technical coding skills

Including Cookieless ID

Patented identity stitching strategies for discriminatory digital marketing use cases

From Europe for Europe

Conceived in Germany and developed for stringent European regulation


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