Cookieless Solution Zeotap ID+

Continue to identify and address your customers in a cookieless ecosystem

Why Zeotap ID+

Future-proof advertising

Zeotap CDP is the only CDP that links a Universal ID to every customer profile for continued addressability long into the cookieless future - it’s called Zeotap ID+.

Compliance built in Europe

Explicit user consent is transparently baked into every ID+ record, with built-in tokenisations that ensure the protection of user data.

Cross-platform activation

Zeotap ID+ works across both web and app properties on both mobile and desktop devices.


Fully interoperable and available to connect with all other identifiers (both standard and proprietary) to maximise reach.


Built on top of the world’s largest deterministic identity graph, with over 60 leading European publishers on board.

What is a Universal ID?

Universal IDs are shared, persistent identifiers that connect users across the digital marketing ecosystem. Zeotap’s Universal ID is called Zeotap ID+, and it will safeguard the future of identity and addressability when Google plans to deprecate its third-party cookies in 2024.

Why is it important?

Zeotap ID+ is identifier-agnostic and empowers the marketing ecosystem—Brands, Publishers, and vendors—with a privacy-compliant mechanism to overcome identity resolution challenges arising from third-party cookie/identifier restrictions and increasingly stringent regulations globally.

How does it work?

Zeotap id+ diagram

Our Zeotap ID+ Publisher Network

With over 60 leading European publishers already integrated with Zeotap ID+, look at our Zeotap ID+ Publisher Network.

Our customers

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