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The challenges in the Media industry

Marketers in the Media sector face challenges around acquisition campaign efficiency and preventing potential long-term subscribers from moving to competitors. Large customer bases, which tend to include millions of subscribers, can lead to significant budget wastage if existing customers are not correctly distinguished from prospects and excluded from acquisition campaigns. Furthermore, customers expect media brands to create seamless, contextual, and personalised experiences across every device, which cannot be achieved with legacy systems unable to collect and activate data from every channel. Therefore, having a unified, single view of each customer that includes online and offline IDs with consent choices baked in, is necessary to power accurate predictions of a customer’s likely future behaviour and prevent customer churn. A CDP is then pivotal to helping Media companies meet their business goals.

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Audience suppression: Exclude media customers from acquisition campaigns

Marketers in the media industry can take advantage of unified customer records to exclude customers from campaigns based on their previous purchases made across all channels. Excluding previous buyers will help to reduce waste, increase conversion rates, impact return on ad spend (ROAS), and avoid a poor customer experience. Plus, customers are not bombarded with irrelevant or duplicate messages. By excluding customers from promotions, marketers’ campaigns are more effective and efficient, increasing the lifetime value of removed customers, maximising the return on investment for each campaign and ensure that customers are receiving the most relevant messages.


Cross-sell and upsell campaigns for media brands

Marketers in media industry can track visitor behaviour and IDs in real-time from downstream activation platforms. Apply rules to touch points across a customer journey that select the best product for the customer, based on profile data. This selection is sent to the advertising or marketing platform for delivery to the customer. For example, send promotions of the premium package to subscribers of the basic package based on historical data and prediction models. Marketers can monitor the customer’s behaviour and make new, adjusted selections to provide a more personalised experience to increase customer lifetime value or ARPU and sales.


Churn prevention in the media sector

Marketers can use CDP data to create models that help prevent customer churn using customer profiles stored in Zeotap CDP. Marketers can proactively retain customers and influence loyalty when they better understand customer behaviour and preferences. By leveraging CDP data for media, marketers can create personalised experiences that will keep customers engaged and reduce churn risk, leading to a higher customer lifetime value in the media sector.

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