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Create a singular comprehensive view of all your customer data that links online and offline identifiers and attributes

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Customer transparency for more insights

Our customer data platform gives you a comprehensive 360 view into your continuously evolving customer profiles - unlock insights to drive better decisions.

Customer 360° view equals personalisation

A 360-degree view of each customer unlocks insights necessary for delivering personalisation at scale.

Future-proof advertising

Zeotap CDP is the only CDP that links a Universal ID to every customer profile for continued addressability long into the cookieless future.

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Customer 360° view powers predictive analytics

Create a 360° view of your customers to gain insight into what they will likely need in the future. More customer data equals more audience quality, allowing you to be well-placed to act on cross-sell, churn, or up-sell opportunities at scale.

Improved personalisation and better product recommendations

Offer more deeply personalised experiences and better product recommendations by using 360-degree customer views, including purchase history and browsing habits.

Complete cross-department customer alignment

A 360-degree customer view provides better cross-department customer alignment by unifying sales, marketing, and service departments. By sharing a holistic view of the customer, the customer’s journey through the departments feels seamless.

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Integrate disparate data sources to form actionable, unified customer profiles, enabling enhanced insights and targeted marketing strategies for improved customer experiences and business growth.


Unify onsite and offsite data to attain a comprehensive 360-degree view of each customer, enabling personalised experiences and boosting conversions through targeted and data-driven strategies.


Segment your customer data, leveraging the potential of machine learning and activate these segments across various channels to achieve optimal campaign success and drive impactful marketing outcomes.


Orchestrate a personalised journey, utilising actionable recommendations to boost retention, reduce attrition and optimise sales for enhanced customer engagement and business success.


Analyse platform usage, delve into consumption metrics and attain visibility into aggregated data, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and improved business performance.


Protect your customer data with our privacy-focused platform, ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks such as CCPA and GDPR, safeguarding data and fostering trust with customers.

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