The easy-to-use CDP for Telco

Manage data efficiently, gain advanced customer insights, and drive personalised customer experiences

Leading telecommunication companies that selected Zeotap CDP to grow their business

Telcos have complicated data management. Does it sound familiar?

Challenges and pain-points in the telecom industry

Telcos hold a significant amount of data, fragmented across disconnected technologies used by various parts of the organisation.

The challenge is to manage data in an easy, efficient way so that marketing teams do not have to rely heavily on resource-constrained IT teams for data management.

Is there a way to fix this?

To unlock the real value of data, Telcos need to:

  • get rid of the silos,
  • gain a deeper understanding of customers,
  • offer seamless omnichannel experiences,
  • facilitate internal process optimisation to promote efficient collaboration between teams.

CDPs empower Telco companies to create unified customer profiles, segment audiences, and deliver targeted, personalised experiences across the entire customer journey.

Zeotap CDP Solution for Telco challenges

CDP for Telco: Make data management easy, secure and efficient

3 ways a CDP benefits your Telco business

Manage data efficiently

By breaking down the company's silos and providing easier access to data for the marketing team, data-driven strategies have never been so easy.

360-degrees customer view

By creating a unified customer profile, Telcos can deliver highly personalised experiences throughout the customer journey.

Enhanced customer service

By leveraging customer data efficiently Telco’s can identify at-risk customers, and take proactive measures to prevent churn, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Virgin Media O2 saved £1 Million on digital marketing with Zeotap CDP

£1M Saved

+38% CTR

+43% CR

-37% CPO

Discover how Virgin Media O2 improved their marketing strategy by integrating Zeotap CDP:

  • reduced substantially their media wastage
  • improved their acquisition campaign results
  • increased reach and brought in more new customers
  • obtained consistent commercial outcomes in only 8 weeks

Enhance your data management with no fuss

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Why is Zeotap CDP the best solution for Telco?

Ease of Use

Zeotap CDP is designed to easily build and activate segments or orchestrate real-time journeys, without needing any technical skills. The intuitive UI allows marketing teams to be independent from IT teams.

Immediate Value

Thanks to one-click deployment and simple configuration, Zeotap CDP has a lower latency and a faster time to value. We are specialised in prioritising simple use cases that drive commercial outcomes in just 8 weeks.

Customer Support

Zeotap is committed to partnering with you to ensure your success through our comprehensive support package. Our customer support structure includes email, phone, availability, response times and dedicated support contacts.

All in one

Zeotap CDP serves as the singular platform that fulfils all your requirements concerning data ingestion, processing, segmentation and data activation.

Data Extension & Cookieless ID

Zeotap provides a sophisticated identity stitching & ID extension for a higher match rates in digital marketing.

Top-tier privacy

Engineered in Germany, our product complies with strict EU regulations to guarantee the highest privacy standards.

Create a competitive advantage in telecommunication with a CDP

In our “CDP for Telco” whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to switch from a DMP to a CDP 
  • How will a CDP drive growth for Telcos
  • The most important use cases to boost Telco business

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