The CDP Solution for Retail Media

Gain advanced customer insights, drive personalised ad experiences, and bring engagement to new heights

CDP solution for an effective Retail Media Strategy

Many international retail brands use Zeotap CDP to grow their business

Retail media strategy: Reaching customers at the crucial moment

Retail media lets you connect with your customers at or near their point of purchase, using targeted advertising to guide their purchasing decisions.

3 ways a retail media strategy benefits your business

New revenue streams

Retailers can tap into innovative advertising formats beyond standard shopper marketing, creating a lucrative new revenue stream.

1P data strategy readiness

Retail media offers a future-proof solution to the phase-out of third-party cookies, offering a more efficient and privacy-friendly way to reach customers.

Positive shopper experience

Retail media lets you keep full control over the ad experience, delivering highly personalised advertising that boosts sales and provides a seamless customer journey.

Why do you need a CDP in retail media?

CDPs empower you to create unified customer profiles, segment audiences, and deliver targeted, personalised experiences across the entire customer journey. Deploy a CDP to boost the success of your media strategy through:

  • Unified customer insights
  • Targeted advertising and promotions
  • Seamless omnichannel experiences
  • Compliance and trust

How DOUGLAS maximised its data potential with Zeotap CDP

Douglas urgently needed a vendor that could ensure top-tier data safety and privacy, offer user-friendly solutions with swift integrations, and provide a collaborative and trust-based partnership.

Main goals

  • Achieve a comprehensive 360-brand activation
  • Internationalise and explore new secure channels
  • Establish a robust data and adtech architecture
  • Transition from DMP to CDP for improved targeting
    in a future without 3P cookies

Make your retail media strategy a success

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Why Zeotap CDP is the best solution for your Retail Media Strategy

Data Monetisation Heritage

Launched in 2014 as a data provider, we leveraged our data monetisation expertise to develop our CDP.

Ease of Use

Zeotap is designed for hands-on marketers to easily build and activate segments or orchestrate real-time journeys. No coding or technical skills required.

Privacy above all

Engineered in Germany, our product complies with strict EU regulations to guarantee the highest privacy standards.

Data Extension

Zeotap CDP's sophisticated identity stitching and extension boosts match rates across digital marketing, retail media, and personalisation use cases.

Cookieless ID

Zeotap CDP provides a proprietary universal ID solution, ID+, for a cookieless future while supporting various other IDs agnostically.

Native Integrations

Drawing from its data monetisation roots, Zeotap CDP integrates with key ad server, AdTech, social, and MarTech platforms, including Data Clean Rooms.

Boost your retail media campaigns with our CDP solution

The pivotal role of a CDP in a Retail Media Strategy

In our “Retail Media Blueprint”, you will learn:

  • How to increase your revenue with retail media
  • How to grow your business with a CDP
  • 3 keys to retail media success

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