Zeotap Deployment Options

Tailored solutions for every need

Zeotap CDP offers flexible deployment options to meet your needs for maximum flexibility, security, and scalability of your data infrastructure. Whether you prefer a classic SaaS model with minimal overhead and efficient data processing, connection, and management, or require maximum data protection to meet stringent needs, we’ve got you covered.

Classic saas

Managed SaaS Offering

Are you looking for a top-tier solution that delivers exceptional performance without the need for extensive customisation? Our Managed SaaS Offering is recommended for you.

client-hosted cdp

Client-Hosted CDP

Are you seeking the utmost in data protection alongside a best-in-class solution that's intuitive and user-friendly? Look no further than our Client-Hosted CDP.

Managed SaaS Offering

Streamline Experience for Data Connection and Management

The managed Software as a Service (SaaS) model minimises overhead while maximising efficiency in data processing, connection and management. Our user-friendly interface empowers you to effortlessly navigate and harness the power of Zeotap CDP’s out-of-the-box platform, with minimal technical support.

Classic SaaS Deployment option

Key features

  • Exclusively Dedicated Instance on GCP: Ensures security by isolating your data from other customers’ environments, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Region Reach: All regions supported by the GCP cloud, including additional region control to comply with local regulations such as GDPR in the EU. 
  • Data Processing, Access and Storage: Zeotap hosted GCP takes care of the entire maintenance around data processing, access and storage of customer profiles and information.
  • Resources Management: Entirely provisioned and managed by Zeotap.
  • Recommended for: Organisations with strict compliance requirements seeking a reliable and efficient Customer Data Platform.

3 ways our Managed SaaS Offering benefits you

Rapid Results

Experience swift and impactful outcomes with targeted use case deployments.

User-Friendly Interface

Our marketer-centric interface simplifies campaign management for efficient navigation.

Seamless Ecosystem Integration

Collaborate effortlessly within Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and the broader Adtech & Martech landscape for enhanced flexibility.

Client-Hosted CDP

Maximum Data Protection through User-Friendly Interface

Zeotap CDP’s exclusive offering on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) serves as the ultimate solution for clients with stringent data protection needs, especially in highly regulated industries such as Fintech and Medical. This deployment option emphasises maximum data protection by minimising data duplication to almost zero, empowering clients with full control over their data. Deploying within the client’s private GCP tenant guarantees a secure environment with all Zeotap CDP features on a user-friendly platform, while offering seamless connectivity through connectors and comprehensive data control.

Key features

  • Private Instance for Customers on GCP: Assume control as your own data processor and controller, merging the advantages of cloud hosting to ensure complete data access control.
  • Region Reach: All regions supported by the GCP cloud, including additional region control to comply with local regulations such as GDPR in the EU.  
  • Data Processing, Access and Storage: Client hosted GCP takes care of the data processing, access and storage for customer profiles and information within an environment hosted on the customer’s GCP instance.
  • Resources Management: Entirely provisioned and managed by the Client with support from Zeotap. We have automated the provisioning system, which can be deployed in one click.
  • Recommended for: Highly regulated industries such as Medical, Fintech and DoD with stringent security and compliance requirements.

3 ways our Client-Hosted CDP benefits you

Maximum Data Protection

Near zero data duplication ensures that stringent data protection needs are met.

Secure Deployment

Ensures secure environment in client's private GCP with seamless connectivity and comprehensive data control.

Customisation & Flexibility

Seamless integration with existing systems, optimising operational efficiency and enabling smoother transitions.

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