Consent Orchestration

Easily store and reflect customer consent and marketing preferences across the customer journey

Zeotap CDP consent orchestration

Why choose Zeotap CDP

Built for Europe

Most CDPs are built for North America, where rules on data consent are more relaxed. From our German HQ, we've engineered our platform to meet the world's strictest consent environment.

Made for marketers

Marketers are the ones most often dealing with the day-to-day of consent collection and activation—we design to make it easy for them to keep compliance in check.

Designed for activation

Storing consent is only useful if marketers can easily activate it across campaigns. Our platform lets you easily reflect consent across every segment and channel.

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Get a single view of consent

No matter how or where you capture consent and marketing preferences, our customer data platform cuts through the chaos to standardise, master, and resolve them, so that you have a single record of consent as part of your single customer profile.

Guardrails for peace of mind

Marketers need to execute quickly – and don’t have time for a DPO to determine whether every new campaign has the right consent settings. Zeotap allows you to set universal rules for honouring consent, so you can launch campaigns safely knowing that you’ve got consent and marketing preferences covered.

From consent to preferences

In a world where transparency around data use is critical, you’re likely capturing more than just consent—you’re also storing a user’s preferences on how they want to be communicated to. Zeotap gives you the same orchestration ability with these preferences, helping you easily deliver the right communications.

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Integrate disparate data sources to form actionable, unified customer profiles, enabling enhanced insights and targeted marketing strategies for improved customer experiences and business growth.


Unify onsite and offsite data to attain a comprehensive 360-degree view of each customer, enabling personalised experiences and boosting conversions through targeted and data-driven strategies.


Segment your customer data, leveraging the potential of machine learning and activate these segments across various channels to achieve optimal campaign success and drive impactful marketing outcomes.


Orchestrate a personalised journey, utilising actionable recommendations to boost retention, reduce attrition and optimise sales for enhanced customer engagement and business success.


Analyse platform usage, delve into consumption metrics and attain visibility into aggregated data, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and improved business performance.


Protect your customer data with our privacy-focused platform, ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks such as CCPA and GDPR, safeguarding data and fostering trust with customers.

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