Data Collection and Privacy

Omnichannel data collection, including up-to-date consumer consent choices, ensures GDPR compliance and optimised customer experiences

Key use cases

The below use cases illustrate how marketers utilise Zeotap CDP to achieve data collection and privacy goals

Combine data for merger

Drive onsite and offsite monetisation of first-party data by combining disparate data sources.

Privacy compliance

Ensure actionability and compliance of marketing campaigns while fostering trusted customer relationships.

360-degree customer view

Link IDs and attributes to a unique customer record for omnichannel marketing and improved customer experience.

Why is data collection and privacy important?

Marketers are seeking to monetise first-party data to contend with data deprecation. Privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), browser and operating system constraints on data collection, and a shift in consumer sentiment towards privacy centricity make collecting data, including consent choices made by consumers, fundamental to any marketing success. More unified data equals a more complete view of each customer to better deliver commercial outcomes. However, marketers must not only collect consented data but also reflect the most up-to-date consent choices across the different touch points of the customer lifecycle to foster trust and deliver awesome experiences that are aligned with consumer expectations. The end result is more conversions, more sales, and also mitigating the risk of non-compliance and expensive GDPR penalties that damage brand reputation.

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Combine data for merger

For marketers to drive onsite and offsite monetisation, both browsing and in-store purchase data must be combined. By linking online and offline data relating to the same customer, marketers can better understand their customer’s behaviour and preferences to tailor their marketing strategies accordingly and measure the impact of cross-channel promotions. By matching, standardising, and validating data, the attributes of the same customer are linked under a unique ID, enabling a 360-degree view of each customer.


Privacy compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides EU residents with robust data subject rights such as the right to be forgotten. With Zeotap, optimise customer experiences that satisfy data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA and quickly and efficiently respond to customer data requests, including the ability to delete customer records from all systems with a click of a button. Zeotap CDP provides for the storage, configuration, and orchestration of consent purposes and marketing preferences data, creating actionable and compliant audience segments ready to reflect the latest consent choices in marketing campaigns.


360-degree customer view

Once all relevant online and offline data has been collected (including consent and marketing preferences), Zeotap CDP unifies all disparate first-party data and links IDs and attributes of the same customer to a unique customer profile. You’ll gain a 360-degree view of every customer, ensuring high accuracy of audience segments for optimum campaign performance. Zeotap was awarded a patent in recognition of our ability to gather multiple data attributes from various data sources, clean them up, combine them, and use resource allocation to build audience groups for targeted advertising (patent number: US 2021/0365292 A1)

Why Zeotap CDP?

4+4 Framework

Specialised in prioritising simple use cases that drive commercial outcomes in 8 weeks

GCP Native

Frictionless deployment make existing tools and investment better with latency and cost advantages

Built for Marketers

Designed for hands-on marketers with no need for technical coding skills

Including Cookieless ID

Patented identity stitching strategies for discriminatory digital marketing use cases

From Europe for Europe

Conceived in Germany and developed for stringent European regulation


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