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Unlock GDPR-Compliant Precision with Zeotap Data's People-Based Audiences

As a pioneer in data solutions, Zeotap Data has been built in Germany with focus on persistent identifiers, consented data and GDPR compliance. Exclusive partnerships with Europe’s biggest mobile telco operators, 60+ premium publishers and best-in-class data partners provide you with access to a wealth of 100% consented data. Patented processes built around persistent identifiers are validated by the coveted ePrivacy Seal. We set the standard for data privacy, quality and accuracy in Europe.

Utilising IDs including MAIDs and hashed email addresses to gain in-depth insights into deterministic demographics, app usage, offline and online behaviour, a comprehensive 360-degree view is developed. People-based data, supported by patented, deterministic methods and advanced machine learning techniques, accurately resolves identity at an individual level, ensuring precise targeting, validated demographics and accurate campaigning.


Why choose Zeotap Data

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People Based Data

Composed of over 500 Million unique IDs, with over 1 billion data points refreshed daily to ensure fidelity and accuracy.

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Privacy First

Our commitment to stringent European regulations begins with GDPR by design. Trust ISO accredited, 100% consented data, complete transparency and advanced data security measures.

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Unique Data

Carefully validated socio-demo sets sourced from EU telcos, paired through patented consent methods to ensure high precision. Enhanced by advanced modelling techniques, our approach emphasises accuracy and relies on premium partnerships for comprehensive categorisation.​

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Client service excellence

We foster close relationships with key agencies, top-tier programmatic and social platforms. This comprehensive approach guarantees value generation throughout the Adtech ecosystem. Our dedicated experts are adept at tackling campaign intricacies, ensuring seamless campaign delivery and improved outcomes. ​

Exclusive data sourced from premium data partners

Zeotap thrives on a robust network of 60+ Data Partnerships across Europe, providing granular data for programmatic and social advertising. Through collaborations with mobile telecom operators, we access verified socio-demographic user data with ID verification. To ensure top-tier quality, we gather interest, intent and app-usage data from reputable First-Party Publishers spanning various verticals. Additionally, we source data from a range of Data Platforms, upholding the highest accuracy and GDPR-compliant, consented data in alignment with e-Privacy Directives.

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Enriched and unified profiles for improved marketing ROI

Our EU-leading identity resolution employs cross-device, persistent identifiers and a privacy-first approach. We utilise MAIDs, hashed email addresses and universal IDs to gather insights on app usage, cookies and offline attributes, creating a comprehensive unified 360-degree user view. People-based data, advanced machine learning and the largest European demographic dataset ensure accurate individual-level identity. Our methods predict and validate age and gender. Benefit from cross-channel activation, a privacy-first approach and verified predictions for age and gender.

Effortless segmentation with IAB Taxonomy

The European IAB Taxonomy 1.1 is the industry gold standard, featuring Demographics, Interest, and Intent pillars with 1,679 segments across 6 tiers. Fuelled by 100% consented data from esteemed partners and employing top-notch identity resolution, it ensures high-quality and scalable audience segments. The benefits include effortless discovery of relevant segments, easy vendor and segment comparison, standardised planning of data and media across platforms, consistency in EU5 markets and major verticals, and seamless data portability mapping.

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Seamless activation across Europe's top platforms

Zeotap Data  audiences are available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, with Tier 1 programmatic and leading social platform activation.

Sensible business rules classify audiences, ensuring relevant reach and campaign success.
With 100% dozens of platform integrations, you can swiftly activate across every ecosystem partner that matters.

Exclusive Competitive Advantages

Zeotap Data takes data solutions to the next level, harnessing diverse signals from a robust network of premium data partners to construct precise, high-quality audience segments with unparalleled accuracy. Our distinctive approach ensures consistently fresh and relevant data while maximising efficiency, saving you time and resources.
Experience the Zeotap advantage and elevate your data-driven campaigns.

Discover Zeotap Data Tribe

12 Smart premium segments designed to enhance your targeting, customised to meet specific campaign needs in various industry sectors.

Validated Demographic Data

Discover Validated Demos

High-accuracy audiences at scale, achieved through cutting-edge modelling techniques, enabling agencies to deliver successful campaigns

Discover Contextual Expansion

Reach the right audiences at scale, now and in a cookieless future, with a relevant message through Zeotap Data-powered Contextual Expansion.

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