Zeotap Data Validated Demos

Delivering High Accuracy Audiences
at Scale

Validated Demographic Data

Experience the next level of audience targeting with Zeotap’s Validated Demos. Notoriously difficult in open web programmatic, Validated Demographic Data is key to delivering reach into your core target audience. Advanced modeling techniques, powered by deterministic data from leading mobile telcos, allow demographic predictions with exceptional precision. Importantly, data is derived from factual mobile telco sources and is deterministically matched to persistent identifiers through a patented consent process. Zeotap Data Science employs supervised machine learning algorithms to create and validate demographic segments with scale and accuracy.

How Zeotap Data predicts core socio-demographic attributes.

App-usage is highly predictive of core demographics. We collect app usage data from exclusive mobile telcos and premium partners. Our models predict age and gender with an accuracy rate of 70% or higher. We store and manage predictions in delta lakes, ensuring continuous improvements in accuracy through time-series analysis. To further validate our models, we collaborate with external sources.

Zeotap Data Delta Lakes

The benefits of using our validated demos:

  • Core Audience: deliver against reach metrics using core demographic targeting criteria
  • Precision Targeting: Zeotap’s validated segments allow advertisers to scale with accuracy
  • GDPR Compliance: Zeotap Data is committed to data privacy, with persistent identifiers, 100% consented data, and Made in Germany for GDPR pedigree 
  • Privacy by Design: Our patented processes have earned us the coveted ePrivacy Seal, ensuring your campaigns meet privacy and quality standards.

Delivering High Accuracy Audiences at Scale

With gold-standard demo segments from Zeotap Data, your campaigns will reach your core audience.

Ready to harness the power of validated demo data for your campaigns? 

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