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The challenges in the industry

Sports clubs have always brought together the masses. Today, a sports team can have a global audience of millions of fans connected through many channels – in-stadium, online, app, social, email, live streaming, and on-demand TV. Today’s sports fan is a multi-channel individual who can live anywhere in the world. The immediate challenge for clubs is to understand each fan completely—stitch together the data residing in each channel in order to deliver the best possible omnichannel experience. Secondly, the marketer must be able to remove existing ticket holders from any promotions to optimise budget spend. For example, if a fan viewed a ticket online but bought it from the ticket office at the stadium. Finally, clubs must understand the very best fans to fill the stadium for significant events and promote matchday hospitality packages.

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Combine data for merger

In order for marketers to drive a true personalised omnichannel experience for fans, browsing and in-stadium purchase data must be combined. By linking online and offline data relating to the same fan, marketers gain a better understanding of their fans’ behaviour and preferences to tailor their marketing strategies accordingly, and better measure the impact of cross-channel promotions. Through a process of matching, standardising and validating data, the attributes of the same fan are linked under a unique ID, enabling a 360-degree view of each fan.


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Exclude previous buyers

Marketers can take advantage of unified customer records to exclude fans from campaigns based on their previous purchases made across all channels. Excluding previous buyers helps to reduce waste, increase conversion rates, impact on return on ad spend (ROAS), and avoid a poor customer experience. Plus, fans are not bombarded with irrelevant or duplicate messages. By excluding fans from promotions, marketers’ campaigns are more effective and efficient, increasing the lifetime value of removed customers to maximise the return on investment for each campaign and ensures that customers are receiving the most relevant messages.


Find high-value customers

Marketers have the challenge of identifying individual fans who have returned high value and are likely to return continued high value in the future. Using Zeotap CDP, Marketers can define criteria for high-value fans to ensure they are targeting the right audience for messages and promotions. High-value fans make multiple purchases in-stadium and online, have a high average order value, or have been loyal fans for a long time. Once the criteria are established, marketers can assemble a list of fans who meet them and create special programs tailored to them. These programs could include special offers, rewards, recognition, referrals, and advocacy to encourage continued loyalty.

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