A Universal ID Solution for Publishers

Be ready for a cookieless future

What is Zeotap ID+?

Zeotap ID+ is Zeotap’s identity solution that aims to provide a stable identifier and a technical infrastructure to substitute for third-party cookies.


Zeotap ID+ is a shared, persistent identifier connecting users across the digital marketing ecosystem designed to safeguard the future of identity and addressability when third-party cookies are deprecated in 2024.

Why Zeotap ID+?

Compliance built in Europe

Explicit user consent is transparently baked into every Zeotap ID+ record, with built-in tokenisations that ensure the protection of user data


Zeotap ID+ is based on transparent user authentication through hashed offline identifiers and does not rely on cookies or MAIDs


Zeotap ID+ is fully interoperable and available to connect with all other identifiers (both standard and proprietary) to maximise reach

Easy integration

Publishers, brands, or technology providers can adopt Zeotap ID+ by simply integrating a website pixel


Zeotap ID+ works across both web and app properties on both mobile and desktop


Zeotap ID+ is built on top of the world’s largest deterministic identity graph, with over 60 leading European publishers on board

How Zeotap ID+ works

Now advertisers with mutually exclusive audiences can target marketing on your inventory today and in the future without Cookies.

These IDs are then circulated natively to advertisers’ bidding networks while processing advertising requests, all natively integrated into your favorite SSPs.

With Zeotap ID+ an anonymised Zeotap ID+ token is deterministically matched to users and stored as a first-party cookie on your digital media network.

Zeotap ID+ Ecosystem Partners

Zeotap ID+ initiative is supported by publishers, large global brands, and members from the advertising, marketing, and technology ecosystem.

What our partners say

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