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Maximise Conversion with Zeotap CDP & Optimizely Integration

Are you a marketer striving to deliver impactful content, reach the right audience and achieve tangible business outcomes? Look no further! Learn how integrating Zeotap Custmomer Data Platform with Optimizely, a web personalisation platform, can empower you to deliver highly personalised experiences that drive improved conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

Transform your customer experiences with amplified personalisation through Optimizely and Zeotap CDP

As a marketer, your primary focus is on delivering impactful content, reaching the right audience and achieving tangible business outcomes. We understand that you care most about the message of your content. By integrating Zeotap CDP with Optimizely, you gain the capability to provide your customers with highly personalised experiences, leading to enhanced conversion rates and heightened customer satisfaction.

Optimizely’s data platform and Zeotap’s unified profiles, together help you improve your communication and further analyse your customers’ behaviour. You can test and optimise personalisation of your website, messaging and user journeys, ensuring that you provide the most effective experiences for your audience.

Challenges faced by marketers with standalone experimentation tools

Marketers who solely rely on standalone experimentation tools like Optimizely may often face some serious challenges.

  • Governance and compliance: Zeotap CDP is designed with a strong focus on governance and compliance. When integrated with Zeotap, marketers can have peace of mind knowing that personalisation is carried out with strict adherence to compliance regulations.
  • Limited personalisation capability: Zeotap enables the dynamic creation of near real-time segments tailored to specific customer requirements and behaviours that surpass individual offerings. By integrating advanced segments created through a unified customer view, the personalisation efforts are amplified, resulting in more impactful customer experiences.
  • Cross-channel orchestration: Zeotap enables marketers to orchestrate personalised campaigns and experiences across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, IVR, TV and other offline touch points. This allows seamless coordination and consistency in messaging, ensuring that customers receive relevant content across their preferred channels.

Integrating with a CDP like Zeotap can address these challenges and enhance personalisation efforts by providing continuous support, unified customer profile, robust near real-time capabilities, and flexibility for dynamic strategies.

Zeotap's integration with Optimizely

The Solution: Zeotap CDP integration with Optimizely Data Platform

Zeotap CDP offers a comprehensive solution to overcome the challenges and unleash the full potential of Optimizely. Businesses can ingest their customer data from various sources, including websites, apps and data warehouses into the Zeotap CDP. Zeotap creates unified and enriched user profiles, forming the foundation for customised audience segments. These segments enable marketers to deliver highly targeted and relevant personalization experiences.

Activating the integration between Zeotap and Optimizely is a straightforward process. Create a near real-time segment in Zeotap CDP based on your requirements and link it to Optimizely through Zeotap’s near real-time orchestration platform. Once the connection is established, Zeotap sends user identities to Optimizely corresponding to the created segment. When a user visits the business’s website and qualifies for the segment, Zeotap notifies Optimizely. This allows marketers to execute personalised campaigns tailored to each user and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Optimizely integration steps

Understanding the integration through a use case involving Zeotap and a leading British telecom company

Let’s explore a use case involving a leading British telecom company and the integration between Zeotap CDP and Optimizely. Isa, a marketer at the company aims at focusing the marketing spends on only the relevant customers and prevent over marketing. This is how she has designed a campaign for high LTV customers:

  • The qualifying customers should be of high LTV(>$2000) and should also have added a half yearly plan to their cart
  • The qualified customer immediately disqualifies from the campaign if they make a purchase

Imagine a situation where a customer visits a company’s website. Through Zeotap’s JavaScript integration, the customer is identified and their unified profile, created via Zeotap CDP, is matched. In this profile, it is determined that the customer’s lifetime value (LTV) exceeds $2000.

Subsequently, the customer chooses a half-yearly plan and adds it to their cart, triggering a match for Isa’s campaign. Once the customer completes the purchase, they are no longer eligible for Isa’s campaign.

Isa’s campaign expenditure is appropriately utilised as the discounted offer remains visible to the customer until the purchase is made. Lisa has the confidence that the campaign is not being excessively utilised. She can utilise the customer’s behaviour, interests and purchase intent to devise various campaigns aimed at fostering customer loyalty, driving upsells and enhancing overall satisfaction.

In conclusion, integrating Zeotap CDP and Optimizely, businesses can enhance their personalisation and experimentation efforts to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The integration between Zeotap CDP and Optimizely opens up a world of possibilities, allowing businesses to achieve tangible business results. Embrace the power of personalised marketing with Zeotap CDP and unlock the full potential of your campaigns.

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