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Zeotap CDP: Targeted Campaigns with 360-Degree Customer View

The world of personalised marketing is an incredibly complex place. Why did one push notification campaign succeed, while another one fail? How can siloed customer data that lives across multiple marketing tools be collected and unified for optimised marketing? What is a 360-degree view of a customer anyway?

Connecting customer data to multiple touch points across a customer journey is incredibly valuable and supercharges your personalised marketing efforts (Journey Orchestration does exactly this and is another feature of ours btw!). However, in order to get to the ultimate –  personalised omnichannel trigger messaging – it all starts with creating a 360-degree view of a customer, but what is it? 

A 360-degree customer view is a singular comprehensive view of a customer’s data that links together both online and offline identifiers and attributes. The data could include a customer’s basic contact information, such as an email address or MAID (a mobile advertising ID linked to every mobile device), past and present purchasing history, as well as information obtained during interactions the customer had across various business touch points.

Overcoming the challenges of a unified customer view

A unified customer view is highly valuable for both brands and customers, but creating one can be a challenging task. At the heart of the challenge is communicating and consolidating data from disparate sources (or data silos). The increasing number of devices and communication channels used by customers to interact with brands makes this even more difficult. Customers frequently switch between devices and channels during their buying journey, and businesses often struggle to consolidate this customer data, as a technical bridge or solution is required. 

Overcoming these challenges requires a robust data integration and management strategy. A well-designed customer data platform can help businesses unify customer data from various sources, create a centralised data repository, and establish a single customer view. Our Customer 360 feature does exactly this and allows the user to see exactly which online and offline IDs and attributes are associated with a particular customer profile.

A screenshot of Zeotap CDP’s Customer 360 Feature:

Customer 360 Profile View

How does Customer 360 help you?

A single view of the customer provides brands with a unique insight into their customers’ digital footprint. All of this data is valuable as it builds a single view of their customers’ identity. This enables marketers to create effective and personalised retail sales and marketing campaigns which, in turn, further engages customers. 

Zeotap CDP allows brands to ingest their customer data from various sources and then resolves these records into a unique customer profile. Customer 360 shows all IDs and attributes unified under each profile. These profiles are then made available within the Zeotap platform for various activation use cases. As a marketer, you can create more targeted campaigns and better recommend personalised products and services based on a customer’s identity and other relevant data. This has a direct impact on sales (increased conversions), costs (reduced CPO through more efficient budget spend) and also promotes customer satisfaction. 

The benefits of the single customer view also extends to the support team who can utilise it to provide customers with better services and experiences. With this unified view, customer support teams are able to better address any questions or issues that need to be resolved.

Furthermore, with self-service capabilities available within the user interface, marketers can easily search for profiles based on single or multiple attributes. This feature provides a quick view and drill-down capability, allowing marketers to view the ID, profile, and consent attributes unified for a user without the need for technical assistance.

Pursuing data-driven campaigns and strategies that are supported by customer behaviour and personal data outperform campaigns that are built from incomplete and siloed customer data every time.

Understanding Customer 360 through a use case 

Meet Sarah, a frequent buyer on a leading book retailer website who tends to purchase science fiction books. Fortunately, the book retailer uses Zeotap CDP to form a single view of Sarah. This allows the retailer to engage with her in a more personalised manner by offering tailored product suggestions, coupons, and offers that align with her interests. Instead of receiving recommendations for business books, Sarah now receives suggestions for science fiction books based on her purchase history and preferences. This approach not only increases customer satisfaction but also enhances sales for the book retailer.

In the case of a delay in book delivery, whenever Sarah contacts the book retailer from the website to ask about the status of her book shipment, the customer support team is able to better address her grievances by looking up the shipment details attached to her profile, any notes from previous interactions and more within the Customer 360 feature.


In a nutshell

By harnessing the power of Customer 360 and a unified customer data, you can create more targeted campaigns, deliver personalised customer experiences, drive revenue growth, reduce costs and keep your customers happy.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Zeotap CDP’s Customer 360 feature can help your business, you can request a demo here. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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