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Data-Driven Contextual Targeting

As the digital advertising landscape undergoes significant changes with the impending depreciation of third-party cookies, marketers are seeking innovative strategies to maintain effectiveness while respecting user privacy. This shift has led to a renaissance for contextual targeting, the best of which  offer  a powerful alternative that leverages real-time contextual signals and advanced AI technologies to deliver relevant messages at scale

The Evolution of Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising has long been recognised as an effective method for advertising  in relevant environments. Traditionally, contextual targeting relied on keyword matching to place ads alongside relevant content. However, recent advancements in AI and machine learning have transformed market-leading contextual targeting into a sophisticated strategy that goes beyond keyword matching. Today’s contextual targeting solutions analyse live contextual signals, such as the topics of articles, the sentiment of social media posts, and the context of videos, to identify the most relevant moments for engagement. By dynamically adapting to user behaviour and content consumption patterns, contextual targeting can now ensure that ads are displayed in contextually relevant environments, maximising their impact and relevance to the audience.

Scaling Campaigns with Confidence

One of the ways to supercharge contextual targeting technology is to power it with data.  

Zeotap-Illuma Contextual Expansion is a pioneering solution that harnesses the power of data-driven contextual targeting to deliver deepinsights and intelligently scale campaigns. Built upon the synergies between Audience and Contextual targeting, this solution revolutionises the traditional approach to contextual targeting.

Unlike traditional contextual targeting solutions, which often rely on presumptions to determine the most effective contexts for reach, the Zeotap-Illuma solution leverages data to drive contextual expansion directly. 

  • Gain insights: Deepen your understanding of your audience through content consumption analysis.
  • Expand relevant reach: Discover incremental, relevant audiences beyond ID-based targeting.
  • Future-proof scalability: Smartly scale small audiences with the rapid decline of 3P cookies.
  • Easy activation: Launch your strategy effortlessly on any DSP with minimal setup.
how contextual expansion works: example

When activating Contextual targeting in the DSP, campaign planners have to define which contextual environments are relevant for their target audience. For example, a furniture brand might choose to place their ads next to “Home Improvement” content. While this might be a relevant strategy, it is limited to the pre-defined audience persona. 

With Zeotap Data-powered Contextual Expansion, agencies can find incremental, relevant reach beyond just “Home improvement.” There is no need to define and set the content categories manually. Instead, a chosen 1st party or 3rd party data segment build from persistent IDs is set live, and the real-time content consumption by people in this data segment  informs the contextual engine on where to place the ads.

By dynamically integrating audience insights into contextual targeting, marketers can make informed decisions and optimise campaign performance with precision, upholding the highest accuracy and delivering relevant reach.

Contextual targeting offers a compelling solution for advertisers seeking to adapt prospecting campaigns to the changing dynamics of the digital advertising ecosystem. Zeotap Data powered Contextual Expansion represents a game-changing solution for marketers looking to navigate the complexities of digital advertising in a post-cookie world. By leveraging the combined power of data and contextual strategies, marketers can unlock new opportunities for audience engagement, campaign scalability, and campaign optimisation in a post-third-party cookie world.

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