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Using the Audience Module for Advanced Segmentation in Zeotap CDP

Segmentation is an essential undertaking for marketers when using a Customer Data Platform (CDP). However, not all CDPs in the market enable businesses to utilise segmentation in order to gain a deeper comprehension of their audience and develop marketing campaigns that are tailored and personalised to individual customers. Challenges such as querying unified data, obtaining real-time estimates and insights into segment development, their activation and the complexities of segment management often hinder marketing teams.

With the introduction of Zeotap CDP’s new Audiences module, the barriers to unlocking the full potential of customer segmentation vanish effortlessly. Audiences stand ready to elevate your marketing endeavors to unprecedented heights. Stick around and delve into this blog to unravel the true power and possibilities that Audiences bring to the table.

A familiar problem with segmentation for most CDPs 

When utilising Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) for segmentation, marketers face a range of common challenges. One primary difficulty lies in the complexity and time-consuming nature of querying unified data from multiple sources, which makes it challenging to create precise audience segments. Crafting complex use cases often demands a deep understanding of conditions, operators, attributes, and other technical aspects, posing challenges for non-technical individuals, such as marketers, when attempting to create customer segments. Consequently, this often leads to seeking assistance from highly technical experts.

Another issue arises from the lack of real-time estimates, making it hard to gauge the effectiveness of segments. Effectively reaching audiences across multiple platforms can be a challenging task, particularly when dealing with extensive datasets and limited seamless integration. Furthermore, prior to launching any campaign, marketers often desire to test their campaign hypotheses, a task that can be quite complex for non-technical individuals without technical expertise.

Marketers recognise the importance of bringing together offline data sources to gain a holistic view of the customer journey. However, they grapple with connecting online and offline data to extract valuable insights and bolster their targeting prowess. Consequently, they seek a solution to unify their first-party online and offline data and complement it with third-party data to broaden their engagement strategies across various platforms.

Maintaining up-to-date and relevant audience data without manual effort is a constant challenge. Without comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, extracting actionable insights from the created segments becomes difficult. These collective challenges result in inefficient utilisation of marketing resources, campaign activation delays, suboptimal campaign spend and most critically, customer frustration that can erode the overall customer experience.

Introducing Audiences

In the landscape of digital marketing, precision and efficiency are paramount. Imagine effortlessly building customer segments that are tailored to your specific needs, bringing together individuals who share similar interests and preferences within just a few clicks. Audiences empowers you to do just that, presenting your data in a beautifully streamlined format that’s as efficient as it is effective. With Audiences, the process of creating logical customer segments has been transformed into a breeze, eliminating the complexities of handling conditions and logic that often bog down marketers. Our interactive user interface simplifies this journey with just a few clicks, putting you in control.

But that’s not all – Audiences goes beyond segmentation, enabling you to transform complex data into actionable insights, and these insights into effective marketing strategies. You can seamlessly activate it across leading ad-tech and mar-tech platforms ensuring that your message reaches the right people, at the right time and through the right channels.

Audiences comes packed with a comprehensive set of extensions designed to amplify the reach of your campaigns. From ID extensions to lookalike extensions, we provide the tools you need to maximise the impact of your marketing efforts.

Benefits that you get

The new Audiences module comes with the following benefits:

  • Effortless data querying: Easily access unified data from multiple sources, gaining a comprehensive customer view
  • Simplified use case creation: Build complex use cases without technical expertise using easy to use condition blocks and operators
  • Real-time segment effectiveness: Gain accurate estimates of segment effectiveness in almost real-time
  • Efficient audience management: Manage large volumes of audiences efficiently
  • Seamless audience activation: Activate audiences across the leading ad-tech and mar-tech  platforms seamlessly 
  • A/B testing capabilities: Create separate customer cohorts and test the effectiveness of your marketing strategy
  • Automated audience refresh updates: Keep your audience refreshed and send the most up-to-date data to the marketing platforms for real-time relevance and engagement

Build the criteria

build audience criteria


A/B test and Activate

ab test and activate


Understanding the highlights of the Audiences module through a use case

Meet Sarah, a dedicated marketer at a thriving retail company. Sarah shares a common challenge with many of her peers in the field: activating her users effectively on the marketing platform. 

As a non-technical individual, creating user cohorts has proven to be a formidable task. Sarah couldn’t just create the customer segment as it meant looking through the database to find the right set of attributes, condition blocks, operators and more. This meant she needed guidance from a technical expert which would reduce her efficiency greatly. The data silos within the system meant that Sarah was short of a unified enriched customer profile. Not to forget that often the customer data would not be consented. The lack of any real-time estimate for her targeted customer based stopped Sarah from making the right marketing decisions. 

However, she can harness the power of our Audiences module to overcome these obstacles and streamline the segmentation process, ultimately enhancing her team’s efficiency. Let’s explore how our  Audiences module addresses these challenges while simplifying the segmentation process for Sarah and her team.

Complex data integration made easy

One of the primary obstacles Sarah faced was the complexity of querying unified data from multiple sources. This process was not only time-consuming but also made it challenging to create precise audience segments. With Zeotap CDP, the integration of customer data from diverse sources is seamless and it intelligently consolidates these records into a single, enriched customer profile. This comprehensive profile offers valuable insights into customers’ digital behaviour, simplifying Sarah’s task of understanding the targeted audiences.

Effortless audience building with consent compliance

Another major concern for Sarah was ensuring that her audience segments honoured consent and the marketing preference filters. With Audience this is no longer a worry. Each audience she creates adheres to these filters, eliminating the risk of activating customers without proper consent.

Simplified non-technical approach

Sarah appreciates that Audience eliminates the need for her to understand complex selection of identifiers and operators. She can now focus solely on building her audience, as the technical aspects are expertly handled by the platform. The conditions and operators are readily accessible through a user interface designed for simplicity, mirroring everyday conversations. This user-friendly design empowers Sarah to effortlessly create audience segments with just a few clicks, without any technical expertise. 

Logical attribute organisation and versatile operators

Navigating through a multitude of attributes in the data base involving a technical expert used to be a challenge for Sarah. Audience has simplified this procedure by categorising attributes logically, simplifying the discovery and application of filters. 

Real-time estimates of audience segments

One of Sarah’s frustrations was the inability to obtain a real-time estimate for the customer base she intended to serve. Audience solves this problem by providing near real-time estimates for every filter. This empowers Sarah and her team to make quicker decisions during the audience creation, editing and viewing process.

A/B test and activate audience segments

Audience A/B testing capabilities through which Sarah and her team can determine which campaigns are most effective for specific audiences, ensuring optimal resource allocation. Moreover, she has complete control over the activation process, choosing which IDs are sent out for activation.

Efficient management and continuity

Managing audiences is simplified with Audience’s marketer-friendly folder organisation. Sarah can easily keep segments organised for efficient access and retrieval. The platform also offers a draft-saving capability, allowing her to pick up where she left off, ensuring continuity in her work.

For businesses seeking to optimise their marketing efforts and harness the power of data, customer segmentation remains a crucial tool. With Audiences your businesses can tailor offerings, marketing strategies and resource allocation as per the unique requirements of the various customer segments. This approach ultimately results in increased customer satisfaction, improved profitability, enhanced retention rates and a deeper understanding of customers. Thus, granting businesses a competitive advantage in the market. Ready to enhance your marketing endeavors? Reach out to us at [email protected] and discover how Zeotap’s robust data capabilities can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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