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Zeotap February 2023 Update: Important Integrations

In the month of February, we have a couple of very important integrations to allow customers to integrate the power of Zeotap CDP in their applications. We have also introduced the bulk delete capability through our Delete API. We hope you enjoy finding out more about these features below.

Facebook Conversions API

Facebook recommends that you send all the events through the Facebook Pixel and the Facebook Conversions API. This combination performs on par or better than what you can achieve when using the browser Pixel only. It can capture events that may not be tracked by the browser, such as purchases that occur on a separate website or lead conversions.

What does it do?

Zeotap provides an implementation for the Conversions API with Zeotap’s Real-time orchestration platform. This integration enables you to capture events that may not be tracked by the browser, such as purchases that occur on a separate website, lead conversions or phone calls.

How does it work?

Here is how the integration works between Zeotap and the Facebook Conversions API:

  1. Create a source to ingest your data into Zeotap and successfully map them to your Catalogue.
  2. Create a workflow in Zeotap’s Real-time Orchestration platform. 
  3. Choose the appropriate Integration Approach to define the events to send.
  4. Accordingly, choose a deduplication strategy.
  5. Map the data in the ‘Data to Send’ tab.
  6. Based on the adopted strategy and the subsequent data mapping within Zeotap’s Real-time Orchestration platform, the data is sent to the Facebook server in real time.
  7. You can then perform Facebook conversion tracking and attribution along with ad targeting, audience insights and dynamic ads.

What are the benefits?

This integration comes with the following benefits:

  • Deeper-Funnel Visibility: You can base your decisions on a broader range of information, such as CRM data, lower funnel events (including qualified leads) and multi-site conversion paths across a website and a physical location.
  • Signal Reliability and Resiliency: Data sharing is more reliable than browser-based methods alone, as it is less susceptible to issues like browser crash or connectivity problems. 
  • Hassle-Free Integration: Integration between Zeotap and the Facebook Conversions API is achieved in just a few clicks and through a very intuitive user interface that makes mapping easier than ever.
  • Custom Events: Not just limited to the standard events that Facebook supports, Zeotap also allows you to send custom event names and custom event parameters.

Google Analytics Hub

The Google Analytics Hub acts as a marketplace for data that brings together producers(Publishers) and consumers(Subscribers) of data, makes publishing and consuming data, easy. This also makes data sharing across organisational boundaries secure and efficient.

The Hub is built on BigQuery and leverages the publish and subscribe model of BigQuery datasets. The separation of computing and storage in BigQuery’s architecture enables data Publishers to share data with as many Subscribers as they want without having to make multiple copies of the data. Publishers are only charged for data storage, whereas Subscribers only pay for queries that run against the shared data.

How does it work?

For the integration to work between Zeotap and the Google Analytics Hub, Zeotap gives access for the Profile (Profile + ID) store hosted in Zeotap’s Google BigQuery account. The Google Analytics Hub uses a Publisher-Subscriber model to distribute data at scale and as the core element of this model, Zeotap publishes the dataset privately on the Google Analytics hub, to which you can subscribe. 

To enable this integration, 

  1. Raise a ticket with Zeotap Support to enable unified data sharing for the email addresses as per your requirement. 
  2. The Support team grants access to the email group address or the individual email address.
  3. The users who are granted access can log into their Google BigQuery account, search through the dataset, navigate to the listings and subscribe to them.

What are the benefits?

This integration comes with the following benefits:

  • Collaboration across organisations: You can create exchanges for various business functions or geographics to share data internally within your organization.
  • Seamless process with up-to-date data: The entire process is extremely seamless and does not involve the dynamics of data transfer that would otherwise involve re-ingesting this data at your end.
  • Monetizing data assets: You can monetise data by sharing it with your partner network or within your own organization in real-time without replicating it. 
  • Secured and privacy-compliant framework: You can easily publish or subscribe to shared datasets in an open, secure and privacy-safe environment.

Bulk Delete

What does it do?

Zeotap’s Delete profile API allows you to look up and delete a user profile. The Bulk API enhances this capability further, allowing you to raise a delete request for up to 400 unique profile per request. Once the profiles are deleted, from that point onwards, these profiles are no longer available for any downstream consumption or activation. It also maintains a log with reference id for any future audit purpose.

What are the benefits?

As per GDPR’s right to be forgotten, it permits Data Subjects to Request the erasure of their personal data within 30 days. Businesses have 30 days to respond to a DSAR request (with the option of a 30-day extension under certain circumstances). However, Zeotap’s delete API allows you to delete user profiles in bulk within a few hours. Thus, fastening the process and reducing your effort and overhead.

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