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Harness the Power of Pinterest and Zeotap CDP for Marketing Success

Today, social media marketing has become essential for organisations to acquire customers. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter are well known, there are other platforms that revolve around sharing ideas. Pinterest is one such platform, where people can discover ideas and take action on them.

Elevate your marketing strategy with Pinterest

Pinterest is the visual inspiration platform people around the world use to shop for products personalised to their taste, find ideas to do offline and discover the most inspiring creators. People have saved more than 360 billion ideas across a range of interests from building a home office to cooking a new recipe and planning their dream holiday.  

Pinterest enables brands to inspire the decisions of consumers. Unlike other platforms where ads distract users, commercial content actually enhances the Pinterest user’s experience. People come to Pinterest looking for products and services to plan their futures and build their lives. On Pinterest, brands are additive to the Pinner experience.

Marketers’ roadblocks in the digital landscape

One of the biggest needs for marketers when operating in the digital landscape is to work with solutions that enable them to effortlessly extract daily marketing data from their website/app, warehouse or internal systems, centralise it and use it to create custom audiences to direct their advertising to and have the maximum impact.

The biggest challenge that marketers are faced with when creating custom audiences is to achieve the following:

  • Routine updates of the linked audiences and keep them most up to date.
  • Means to automate the custom audience management through API endpoints that would reduce the manual effort and the risk of personal data breaches.
  • Means to dynamically update audiences and expand the audience profile as desired.

To overcome these challenges, marketers require a seamless way to update their custom audiences and keep them up to date. They need automation through API endpoints to reduce manual effort and mitigate the risk of personal data breaches. By dynamically updating audiences and expanding profiles as needed, marketers can ensure their targeting remains relevant and effective.

Additionally, marketers aim to automatically sync new customers to Pinterest, ensuring fresh opportunities to engage with audiences. Having a centralised list of active users that is continuously updated and shared with advertising partners becomes essential.

Unlocking the power of Zeotap CDP for enhanced marketing success

Zeotap CDP provides a powerful solution for marketers by integrating on Pinterest . This integration enables marketers to extract daily marketing data from their website/app, warehouse or internal systems effortlessly, centralise it and use it to create custom audiences on Pinterest to reach consumers at just the right moment of their shopping journey. 

With Zeotap’s integration with Pinterest, marketers can seamlessly connect their Pinterest account with their overall marketing campaigns. This integration allows for the creation of data-driven customer profiles and the activation of MAIDs and SHA256 hashed emails to run targeted campaigns on Pinterest.

Brands advertising on Pinterest can help inspire people when they’re coming to the platform to plan. Marketers using Zeotap CDP can leverage the unified and enriched customer profiles to create precisely targeted audiences. This data can then be used to deliver relevant ads that enhance the user experience on the platform.

Driving Success with Pinterest and Zeotap CDP

Jolie leads marketing for a newly introduced Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, specially designed to provide exceptional comfort and support for families in the mid-economic range. Content on Pinterest has an extended “shelf life” compared to content on other platforms. This means that content from brands can be discovered on Pinterest months after it was first posted. Jolie wants to use Pinterest  to drive campaigns. Here are the three use cases that Jolie is aiming at:

  • Build awareness – to discover their brand through standard Pins or Video views for Promoted Video Pins. 
  • Optimise conversions – to inspire people to take actions outside of clicks, like leading a user to an online checkout or newsletter sign-up with no extra steps.
  • Drive Qualified leads – to their website and improve traffic.

For each of these campaigns, Jolie has set up a maximum cost-per-click; indicating that they will be charged only when people click through their Promoted Pins to visit their website. Hence, Jolie wants to optimise her campaign budget and target only the most accurate set of audiences. Using Zeotap CDP’s unified and enriched customer profiles, Jolie is able to achieve the following:

  • Effective Reach and Engagement: Reach more customers and drive traffic to her business.
  • Maximise brand impact – Dynamically update audiences to expand audience profiles.
  • Targeting Potential Customers Precisely: Reach potential customers by precisely targeting the audience by gender, location, age, interests and other unique variables.
  • Maximise the ROAS (Return on Ad Spends): Schedule custom audience updates and creation to achieve the most up-to-date audience for targeting.

What’s next?

Zeotap CDP and Pinterest are powerful tools that marketers can leverage to unify and segment customer data in order to engage with audiences that ultimately deliver business outcomes through first-party data strategies. If you would like to learn more, please do get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help: [email protected]

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