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Zeotap Data: Precision Meets Privacy for Campaign Success

At Zeotap Data, we have harnessed the power of German engineering to create people-based audiences that go beyond GDPR regulations within a coveted ePrivacy Seal.  Our commitment to precision and privacy means resolving identity back to an individual level using patented, deterministic and 100% consented methods.

We understand the challenges faced by European advertisers operating under stringent data privacy conditions. Zeotap Data stands apart as fully-consented, delivering accuracy and scale without compromising on privacy.

Over 500 million IDs are refreshed daily across Europe, ensuring unrivalled fidelity and accuracy. Sourced from exclusive partnerships with telecoms sector leaders and over 60 premium partners, Zeotap Data offers fully-consented and GDPR compliant audiences.

With market-leading identity resolution and people-based data principles, we have organised audiences into the industry standard IAB Audience Taxonomy 1.1. Covering three core pillars of Demographics, Interest, and Intent, our categorization features hundreds of audience segments across multiple tiers and every major vertical.

This comprehensive view, utilising persistent identifiers, universal IDs, hashed email addresses, app usage data, cookie-based behavioural data and offline attributes, caters to all industry sectors and is accessible through every programmatic, social and consumer buying platform that matters.

Employing advanced modelling techniques, Zeotap Data identifies high-quality audiences at scale. We predict and validate sociodemographic attributes with precision. Our data science team isolates high-volume, factual data across demographics and app usage. We utilise supervised machine learning algorithms to predict and validate age and gender to exceptional accuracy.

Client service excellence sits at the heart of everything we do. With specific focus on media buying agencies and the platforms they use, we have  dedicated sales and account management teams that mirror the ad tech ecosystem, ensuring clients receive unwavering attention and dedication throughout their campaign journey. Subject-matter experts cultivate trusted relationships with clients and optimise campaign results for key accounts. With people stationed in London, Madrid, Hamburg, and Milan, we serve clients in person across the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

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