Zeotap Attains HIPAA Certification, Bolstering Data Security in Healthcare

Berlin, November 30, 2023 –  Zeotap, the easy, secure, and impactful Customer Data Solutions provider, proudly announces its Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) certification. This achievement underscores Zeotap’s commitment to the highest data privacy and security standards, particularly in the sensitive healthcare sector.

With the digital transformation in healthcare, robust data security is crucial. Zeotap’s HIPAA compliance ensures that its Customer Data Solutions adheres to the strict standards required for managing Protected Health Information (PHI), offering a dependable solution for healthcare organisations.

Varun Sankaran, Director of InfoSec at Zeotap, comments, “As digital transformation in healthcare accelerates, our HIPAA certification goes beyond compliance. It represents our dedication to protecting patient data with utmost security and privacy. This certification positions Zeotap at the forefront of customer data platforms, providing our healthcare partners with advanced technology and robust security for managing PHI.”

Zeotap’s CDP ensures immediate encryption and hashing of patient data, a critical aspect of HIPAA compliance, guaranteeing that healthcare organisations receive data securely. This process maintains the confidentiality of sensitive information throughout its lifecycle.

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Secure Data Management in Healthcare with Zeotap CDP and HIPAA Compliance

Hipaa certification - Zeotap
BSI CSA STAR certification

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HIPAA, enacted in 1996, is a U.S. federal law setting standards for safeguarding sensitive health information. It mandates organisations to securely handle Protected Health Information (PHI), maintain privacy, and follow proper data management practices. This applies to healthcare providers and their business associates, ensuring patient privacy, minimising data breaches, and upholding ethical data management, crucial for quality patient care and experiences.

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