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“Zeotap is a customer data platform that helps brands understand customers and predict behavior. Powering brands to invest in customer relationships and products that matter.” – Daniel Heer, CEO & Founder at zeotap

Firstly, it’s important to understand that brands may have data on their own customers gathered through their different points of contact, but that data is limited and usually scattered in different technologies and devices. We, at Zeotap, help them unify all those data points by connecting the brand’s own data with other digital identifiers of those same customers, to be able to identify them across different devices, channels, and marketing tools. 

Once those customer identities have been resolved, we enrich them with further data coming from other sources. Since we have partnered with over 85 large enterprises (such as telecom operators or eCommerce sites) that give us consented and real data on customers, we are able to build more complete profiles on who those customers are, and which behaviours they engage with digitally. This adds a whole new layer of insights for brands, who, all of a sudden are able to identify patterns and better understand their own customers. Additionally, this added data layer allows brands to run their own machine learning algorithms/propensity models to better predict customer behaviour for enhanced segmentation.

Finally, we help brands reach those customers wherever they are online – either on websites or apps, on their laptops, phones or tablets.


Having a 360º view of your customers allows brands to improve their marketing strategies, especially in three areas:

  • Prospecting: how many times do you get a branding campaign on your phone from a company you’re already a customer with? That just annoys the consumer and is an example of bad prospecting. Unified data on current customers and a better understanding of them allows brands to 1. Suppress them from prospecting campaigns so they don’t get to see irrelevant ads and 2. Find potential online users based on the characteristics of their most loyal ones, by building audiences that have those same characteristics.
  • Cross/upselling: effective cross/up-selling boils down to having a 360º view and understanding of your current customers. If you do, you can identify who your high spenders are and better suggest upgrades based on their preferences. Or, identify life-changing moments that can turn the rest of your customers into high spenders, and market to them on time.
  • Reducing churn: this same idea of understanding your customers applies here, but timing and personalisation also play an important role to reduce churn. Some brands have nailed the timing part. For example, think of a 2-year telco contract for example, where the brand clearly knows a few months in advance it’s time to knock on their client’s door since they’ll be deciding if they’re staying or changing providers. Personalisation is trickier though since brands need to identify those customers at risk first, and with this enhanced customer understanding, define a retention strategy that’s personalised for each customer.

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